Signage Overview

Queen’s University signage on and off campus should reflect the visual identity while identifying Queen’s properties in a clear and accessible manner.

Campus Planning and Real Estate along with the University Relations Brand Team oversee the design, approval, production, and installation of Queen's signage. The updated Signage Policy and Guidelines will be made available in the coming months. Queen's University wayfinding signage is part of a standardized signage system and is the only signage approved for permanent use on campus and in other university facilities. Policies govern what is permitted in terms of other permanent and temporary signage appearing on campus or including a Queen's trademark. Below you will find online request forms for Exterior and Interior Wayfinding Signage, as well as an approval form for Custom Permanent and Temporary Signage.

Customizable signage templates are available for office inserts and temporary notices via the links below. Additional templates will be created in the future to aid in the efficient creation of on-brand signage.

Exterior Wayfinding Signage

Request exterior wayfinding signs from the standard University signage system.

Request exterior wayfinding signage

Interior Wayfinding Signage

Request interior wayfinding signs from the standard University signage system.

Request interior wayfinding signage

Custom or Temporary Signage

Request approval on custom permanent or temporary signs for use on campus, in or around university facilities, or including a Queen's trademark.

Submit/request custom/temp signage

Office Insert Template

The office insert template can be used to create and print updated office inserts. Please only edit the text, using the template that best reflects the amount of copy to be added. Do not change the formatting (fonts, sizing, colours) or add any additional elements.

Customize the office insert template

Visual Identity Guide

The Visual Identity Guide outlines the elements that create the Queen's brand style, as well as the full set of guidelines for the correct and consistent application of the visual identity. It is recommended to view the online PDF to ensure that you are referencing the most up-to-date version (PDF 12.6MB).

View the Visual Identity Guide