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Margaret Pappano: Recipient of Prestigious David Bevington Award

Margaret Aziza Pappano, Associate Professor in the Department of English, and Nicole R. Rice have been awarded the David Bevington Award for Best New Book in Early Drama Studies from the Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society for The Civic Cycles: Artisan Drama and Identity in Premodern England.

Kathleen Ashley lauds that Rice and Pappano “present the most powerful argument to date about the ways that cycle plays allowed artisans to perform their changing socioeconomic identities in English towns over several centuries.” And Robert Barrett, Jr. claims that The Civic Cycles “is poised to become a major book in early English drama studies, a text that coordinates and assimilates all of the revisionary historicist work on the cycles from the previous two decades even as it takes that historicism to the next level of complexity.”

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