Indigenous Art takes Centre Stage at Indigenous Research Collaboration Day

A day for knowledge sharing

Indigenous Research Collaboration Day 2023 was a massive success! Thank you to our presenters, our keynote speaker Dr. Dolleen Manning, and all of our attendees for supporting research from Indigenous students and research collaboration with Indigenous communities.

The theme for this year was Indigenous Research and the Arts, which was on full display both in the presentations given and the art present in the Agnes, which is currently hosting the Mmaandaawaabi (see a wondrous sight) exhibition in the atrium, where the event took place.

Morning Talks

Inspiring Indigenous Community Knowledge Exchange through Participatory Video-Making

Brittany McBeath, Cameron Hare, Colin Baillie, Victoria Taylor (Kinesiology and Health Studies)

These four students, part of the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Program, shared their research on participatory video-making workshops as a tool for spreading information about diabetes prevention in Indigenous communities.

ni waamjigaadeg debwewin (now is the time to see the truth)”

Aylan Couchie (Cultural Studies)

Aylan’s work is across many mediums, including physical and digital artwork. Her work centered around the decolonization of knowledge and land surrounding the Nipissing First Nation, and the desire for the community to take back their land.

From Poetry to Pedagogy of Peace

Lindsay (Kawennenhá:wi) Brant (Cultural Studies)

Lindsay’s talk shared her creation and ongoing support for the Indigenous Curriculum Framework, a 4-part model designed to bring Indigenous ways of knowing and being into classrooms. The model has seen uptake all across Canada.

Keynote Address

Dr. Dolleen Manning

Dr. Manning shared her personal stories on the creation of the digital exhibits at the Agnes, and how collaboration with fellow Indigenous artists helped to build the project.

Afternoon Talks

Storytelling Futurisms in Contemporary Indigenous Educational Practices as smi7may7

Mariel Belanger (Cultural Studies)

Mariel spoke about the various art projects that she is currently involved in, including digital multimedia projects and other forms of land-based performance art. Mariel’s work involves creative educational approaches that strengthen indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Making Sense of Decolonization Together with Artificial Intelligence, Digital Art Media, and Conventional Art Creation

Carleigh Milburn (Cultural Studies)

Carleigh shared her research on the transformative potential of Indigenous art using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how this art can be considered decolonial. Carleigh shared an innovative method for creating an art gallery that is simultaneously digital and physical.

Land Protectors: Indigenous Resistance Through the Arts

Paige Van Tassel (Art History and Art Conservation)

Paige shared two different aspects of her research. First, she spoke about her archival work with the MacCallum collection, a massive donation of Indigenous art to the Agnes. Secondly, she spoke about her work creating the art space and exhibit for the Agnes.

Art and Waste in Panniqutuq (Pangnirtung) Nunavut: Reflections of a waste researcher with decolonial aspirations

Micky Renders, Environmental Studies

Micky’s work was quite literally on display as she shared her creative process with the exhibit she currently has on at the Agnes, showing the roles of settler colonialism and neoliberalism on isolated communities in northern Canada.

Thank you to all of the presenters and attendees for making Indigenous Research Collaboration Day 2023 a massive success! Don’t forget to check out Mmaandaawaabi (see a wondrous sight) at the Agnes!