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International Studies Certificate

Show the world you are a global learner with the International Studies Certificate

The International Studies Certificate is a study option offered by the International Programs Office, in cooperation with the language departments and the Faculty of Arts and Science.

This option is available to all Queen's University undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration, and is intended for those who wish to enhance their undergraduate degree with a formal international program of study. The International Studies Certificate combines language acquisition with cultural and interdisciplinary learning, and includes a study abroad component.

The Certificate was one of the first certificate programs at Queen's to be formally approved by Senate. First awarded in June 2001, the Certificate is becoming increasingly well-recognised as more Queen's students graduate with it.

Why Should I Enroll?

For students intending to apply to graduate or professional schools, the entry on your transcript will demonstrate that you have opted to enhance your undergraduate studies with this formal academic option. This will also enable you to note the Certificate program on the education section of your résumé, drawing it to the attention of potential employers.

Senate approval of the Certificate confers the recognition and respect traditionally associated with a Queen's qualification.

The International Studies Certificate is administered by Mary Marshall, Study Abroad Coordinator. For further information email or email the IPO at