Startup Runway

QPI supported over 200 startups to attract over $29 million in revenues

Apr 17, 2024

Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI) supported the creation of 209 new patents and intellectual property assets and saw 136 new products, services or processes developed through the first phase of FedDev Ontario project.

Queen’s-connected women leaders participate in inspirational panel discussion

Nov 09, 2023

Four Queen’s- and Kingston-connected panelists recently participated in the OBIO® "Networking with Inspirational Women in Science" event

The Wings Story: 2019-2023, filling in the right-hand side of the canvas

Aug 14, 2023

After four years helping entrepreneurs find their feet, Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation says farewell to the Wings program

Cold Plasma Group solidifies partnership agreement for commercial implementation

Jul 18, 2023

Cold Plasma Group Inc. (CPG) has completed a cooperation and licensing agreement with GOC-NEXUS Europe GmbH to supply and to further scale up CPG’s plasma sterilization technology for cannabis.

Thanks to Wings, Demagel may soon be creating a new category market

Jul 12, 2023

Wings helped Demagel how to organize their ideas and learn from other participants.

QPI’s Wings program set Eric Hansen’s HealthSmart program on track

Jul 10, 2023

Wings helped Eric Hansen understand how much he didn’t know about business -- and set him on track. He’s not there yet, but thanks to Wings he knows what he needs to do.

Wings helped idea guy Jesse Purvis make things easier for others

Jul 07, 2023

Through his involvement in the legal cannabis industry, Jesse Purvis had an idea that led him to Wings.

Queen’s spinoff Dynamiris selected to receive INOVAIT funding

Jul 05, 2023

Dynamiris submitted a proposal to INOVAIT and its proposed project was one of 14 to be selected in the third round of INOVAIT’s Pilot Fund call for applications.

Wings program helped Insite Project Consulting Inc. get where they need to go

Jun 26, 2023

As a trained civil engineer and project manager, Nancy Dionne was comfortable dealing with the physical world of engineering but creating a new business didn't come as naturally.

Wings program helped Next Knowledge founder evolve company

Jun 01, 2023

Stephen Straker is a man who has built a career out of learning to evolve. When he had to learn how to evolve yet again, he depended on the Wings program to help him.

Wings provided Mantis Mirror developer Mike Kelly with soundboard for ideas

May 26, 2023

“I’ve been biking for years,” he says, “and it’s just getting inherently more challenging.” Trying to adjust bike mirrors while riding is a dangerous business. The Mantis Mirror System is looking to change that.

Kingston Innovator Wins Award for Cutting-Edge Work to Monitor Breast Cancer Using a Simple Blood Test

May 19, 2023

Up-and-coming company is using a liquid biopsy to monitor tumour size and provide early detection of how well patients are responding to treatment, helping to prolong life