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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Computational Science & Engineering

Program Overview

Queen’s is one of the first universities in Canada to launch a university-wide specialization in computational science and engineering, giving graduates a head start in fields such asdrug discovery, behavioural science, genomics, mathematical economics, digital imaging and nanotechnology, just to name a few. Computational science is already facilitating major advances in many disciplines and is poised to make significant contributions to society as a whole.

The Queen’s Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering connects today’s databases, algorithms, simulations and information systems with tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs. It’s an exciting, fulfilling option for students looking to get even more out of an existing degree.

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Designed to enhance the value of your master’s degree, this new three-course specialization teaches you the latest methods for applying the power of high-performance computing to scientific problems in your area of study. Our graduate students benefit from the transdisciplinary aspect of these research collaborations cross-appointed faculty members.

Career paths – employment opportunities

High-performance computing skills are becoming a prerequisite for success in an increasing number of careers within academe and industry.

Degrees Offered/Method of Completion

Degrees Offered

M.Sc.: 2 years, full time

M.A.Sc.: 2 years, full time

Method of Completion

Method of Completion

In the Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering, you must:

  • Complete the coursework, thesis and other requirements of the “home” program in which you enrol;
  • Pass the “Fundamentals of Computational Science” graduate course;
  • Pass the “High Performance Computing and Its Applications” graduate course;
  • Participate in the Computational Science Colloquium;
  • Undertake a thesis or project or essay that applies or contributes to the computational approach in your home discipline.
Fields of study and Supervisors

Participating Programs are Biochemistry; Biology, Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Civil Engineering; Community Health and Epidemiology, Computing and Information Science; Economics; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Geography; Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering; Mathematics and Statistics; Mechanical and Materials Engineering; Mining Engineering; Neuroscience, Physics; and Psychology. This is a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds: the rewards of in depth study in your chosen discipline and the excitement of learning new, highly relevant computational skills. We created the course-based specialization for talented, dedicated students capable of maintaining intense focus in their specialty while applying newly acquired computational science knowledge directly to their individual research.  It’s a chance to expand your academic horizons by regularly stepping beyond the borders of your home department, without disrupting your course of study.

The program is inherently collaborative, bringing together some of the university’s top teachers and researchers from diverse scientific disciplines; often the only thing they have in common is their dedication to discovering new and better computational techniques. As a student in the program, you’ll be exposed to the wide-ranging expertise of this multidisciplinary team of faculty. Even your classmates will be from a variety of academic backgrounds. Being a member of this eclectic scholarly community will fuel your intellectual curiosity and enrich your academic experience.

Funding, Academic Prerequisites & Deadline

Funding Information

All students in the program will be considered for funding support in accordance with their respective home program’s funding policy. Students are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships such as Ontario Graduate Scholarships, CIHR, NSERC, or SSHRC studentships

Key Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline: as per your home program