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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

International Students & Exchanges

The following information is for both international student recruitment and collaborations and exchanges with other universities. These collaboarations and exchanges with other universities may be used for recruitment or for providing current graduate students with international opportunities.

Funding for International Grad Students

Queen's has agreements with the China Scholarship Council, a government agency in China, to provide China Scholarship Council Doctoral Scholarships.

The SGS has a number of International Tuition Awards (ITA) that are allocated to departments. Other funding opportunities are also available for international students at Queen's, notably the Vanier, PIDA, Mitchell and OGS.

Visiting Research Students

A student who is registered in a graduate level program at their home university may register at Queen's for non-degree study to join a research group. Upon receipt of the requisite application which includes a letter of approval from Queen's, the recommendation of a research supervisor and the Department Head, such a student can be accepted by the SGS as a Visiting Research Student (VRS) at Queen's University for a period up to one year. These students may be assessed student activity fees but not tuition fees. They must be insured under the UHIP and cannot enroll in courses. Contact the SGS office for further information and the application documents for the VRS program.

Exchange Agreements

The University has a robust program of international exchange, involving bi-lateral agreements with about 150 universities in 45 countries.

Graduate students may participate in exchanges to other universities in order to expand their areas of study and research. These exchanges are most often the result of research collaborations between Queen's faculty and those from other universities.

Because of the reciprocal nature of student exchanges, tuition is often waived at the host institution, however students continue to pay tuition to their home university. Students are responsible for all other expenses such as travel, fees related to non-academic services, accommodation and for incoming exchange students at Queen's, UHIP payment.

Students who wish to go on exchange should work closely with their supervisor, or graduate coordinator, to find out if the exchange will contribute to them making progress on their academic program.

Current Queen's graduate students indicate their participation in exchanges outside of Queen's by first completing an Off-Campus Study form (PDF*, 52 KB). These forms are available through the School of Graduate Studies and its website.

Cotutelle Program

Queen's Faculty who are interested in supervising doctoral students from another institution with whom they have collaborative research are invited to discuss this option with the partner institution and the School of Graduate Studies. For more information about the cotutelle program, see International Partnerships.

Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowships

Each summer, Queen's invites Mitacs Globalink Research Internship students to come and visit Queen's, meet our faculty and current grad students.  These international undergraduate  students come predominantly from Mexico, China, India and Brazil and are in Canada on a 12-week research internship under the supervision of Canadian university faculty members in a variety of academic disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences.

As a result of the program's success pairing them with Canadian faculty members, Mitacs is helping these talented students pursue additional educational and research opportunities in Canada through the Globalink Graduate Fellowship.

The Globalink Graduate Fellowship provides $15,000 in financial support to former Globalink research interns who return to Canada for research-based graduate studies at eligible Mitacs academic partners. Globalink participants applying to a Canadian master's or PhD program at any eligible university can apply for the fellowship, regardless of where they completed their Globalink Research Internship.

Upon Mitacs' receipt of proof of acceptance and enrollment, Mitacs will confirm the fellowship award and forward funds directly to the student. Half of the award is forwarded to the student and the balance is forwarded in the second consecutive term.