School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Religious Studies

Miller, J.

Acting Graduate Coordinator
Miller, J.

Ascough, R.S., Miller, J., Morrow, W.S., Trothen, T.J.1,Young, P. Dickey

Associate Professor
Goldberg, E.1, Jahanbakhsh, F.1

Assistant Professor
Mosurinjohn, S.C.

1 - on sabbatical Winter 2018

Departmental Facilities

The School of Religion is housed on three floors of Theological Hall, one of the oldest buildings on the campus of Queen's University. This space includes seminar rooms, lounges, and offices. The main office is on the second floor.

Graduate students employed as teaching assistants enjoy shared office space. In addition, Theological Hall houses a semi-public computing site.

The Stauffer Library has substantial holdings in religious studies, continually being augmented with a strong acquisitions policy.

Field of Research

Our faculty are dedicated to the academic study of religion, and are available to supervise research on a wide range of cultures, traditions, and historical periods.

Graduate Student Support

The university offers a number of Queen’s Graduate Awards, senior fellowships, and other financial support for students in our Master's program. 

Departmental Teaching and Research Assistantships are awarded to suitably qualified students.

Graduate students are also encouraged to apply for additional funding through the annual Ontario Graduate Scholarships (OGS) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) competitions.

Master of Arts

Applicants to our program will be accepted according to the General Regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Normally, the minimum qualification for admission to the Master of Arts Program in Religious Studies is upper second-class standing in a four-year Honours undergraduate degree program in Religious Studies, or equivalent, awarded by a recognized university.

The course requirements for our program are 24.0 units of study, which include our core courses (RELS 801/3.0 units and RELS 802/3.0 units) and the final research essay (RELS 898/6.0 units).

Of the remaining 12.0 units of study, a minimum of 3.0 units must be taken from our list of Elective courses, and a maximum of 6.0 units can be taken from our list of Reading courses.  In any case, a minimum of 6.0 units must be taken from our list of RELS courses (Elective and Reading) offered in a particular year.

With approval from the Graduate Coordinator, a maximum of 6.0 course units may be taken from another cognitive department.

Students who have not completed the equivalent of Queen’s University course RELS 354 (Theory in Religious Studies) will be required to take RELS 854 in addition to the required 24.0 units of study.


Language Requirement

Before completing the M.A. degree, students are required to give evidence of a reading knowledge of at least one language, other than English, elected from the languages of modern scholarship and/or necessary source languages.  Normally, this requirement will be satisfied by undergraduate standing in one full course (6.0 credit units), Ontario Academic Credit, or the equivalent.