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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Heat 1 Gets 2016 3MT off to a great start

Today was the first heat for the 2016 Queen's 3 Minute Thesis Event. Eleven graduate students participated today talking about their research on topics that included: solar cells & climate change, software perfection, evolution, humans as an alternative energy source, relations between victimization and depression, von Willebrand disease, our brain and hope, aging elegantly, what can we learn from moving bodies and helping disadvantaged girls. A plethora of information  for everyone to listen to.  

It was great to see so many friends and colleagues of the participants come along and support them and of course help choose the People's Choice winner via an online voting system.  You have to be there to vote!

A big thanks to our Judges today - Dr Cynthia Fekken (VP Research office), Dr Omid Ebrahimpour (Dupont), Martha Whitehead (Queen's Librarian) for doing the hard part of analysing each participant in the 3 categories.

Going to the final next week - Wednesday 30th March will be:

Wnner - Yu Qing Liu (Neuroscience)

Runner Up - Chloe Hudson (Psychology)

3rd Place: Isabel Macquarrie (Sociology)

People's Choice - Joshua Alpern (Biology)

Full details of all participants and whose up next can be found on the 3MT website

Heat 1 Participants 

From Left to Right: Heat 1 Participants

Jean-Paul Martin (Mechanical Engineering), Tham Adhikari (Chemistry), Amtul Moeez (Biology), Suchita Ganesan (Computing), Soundarya Selvam (Pathology & Molecular Medicine), Chloe Hudson (Psychology), Junyu Ke (Cultural Studies), Joshua Alpern (Biology), Yu Qing Liu (Neuroscience), Isabel Macquarrie (Sociology), Midori Ogasawara (Sociology)