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Queen’s University offers a wide range of programs and services to help you, our graduate students, succeed academically, personally and professionally. You will find a comprehensive information on support services available to all students on the website of the Division of Student Affairs.

Health & Wellbeing

It’s is not exceptional to experience occasional worry and stress over the many activities and responsibilities competing for your time and attention as a graduate student.  If your concerns become overwhelming and intrude into your sense of wellbeing, then it’s time to seek help.  First of all, you can talk in complete confidence with professional counsellors.  Within the School of Graduate Studies, on the fourth floor of Gordon Hall, we offer the services of an on-site counsellor well versed in issues that graduate students face. Alternative counselling services, as well as a full range of general medical services, are available from the Student Wellness Services facility in the Lasalle Building. You may like to consult with the cross-cultural advisor who can offer valuable support for students from diverse backgrounds adjusting to a different culture and environment.

We have some useful online modules on mental health that students have found to be very beneficial.  The “Mental Health and Wellbeing” in the My Grad Skills module set:  is an interactive 90 minute module designed specifically for graduate students. The module gives you some valuable tools to increase your understanding of health and wellness and to help you manage your well-being in your graduate life and during your transition to a career.

Fitness & Wellbeing

All of us find it helpful to take time away from our busy work and study schedules for fitness and relaxation.  The casual recreation opportunities offered by the Queen’s Athletics and Recreation facility are available to you at no additional charge – membership is part of your student fees.  Visit the Athletics and Recreation page  and the Athletics & Recreations own website.  Check out the website and the e-newsletter of your professional association, the Society for Professional and Graduate Students for opportunities to socialize though group events and recreational pursuits.


Queen’s University is committed to creating a community that respects the dignity and worth of all persons who seek to participate in the life, work and mission of the University and to maintaining a culture that is welcoming, accommodating and supportive of persons with disabilities.  If you need support because of a disability, the university can help you with an accommodation plan.   To learn more about how to put an accommodation plan into action, please visit the pages on the SGS website that describe accommodations for graduate students (pdf 62KB)  and also the Accessibility services section on the Student Wellness Services website to learn about the respective roles and responsibilities for students, instructors, and the Disability Services Office.  Visit also the Accessibility Hub website  for comprehensive information on accessibility at Queen’s, including accessible entrances of buildings and facilities within them.