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Dr Alexandria Afonso



Dr. Alexandria Afonso - PhD, McMaster University 

Intern at Pfizer Canada 

PHMI Class of 2021 




What drew you to the PHMI program at Queen’s? 

Getting into the pharmaceutical industry usually requires that you have experience, which greats a Catch 22 type situation. Being able to get a formal education on the processes and positions within the pharmaceutical industry before the first-hand experience is what drew me to PHMI. It seemed like the best way to set me up for success. 

What were you doing when you entered the program? Were you already looking for opportunities in industry? 

I was working as a Medical Writer for a medical communications company. I had applied to jobs in industry before starting as a Medical Writer with no luck.  

What has been your favourite experience so far? 

Being given the opportunity to do an internship in the industry with people that are so willing to help me learn and mentor me during the process has been amazing. 

What is the most interesting thing you learned? Perhaps an “ah-ha” moment that has changed your view on something? 

Working with people from different educational backgrounds on the class assignments was great. It really showed me the importance of working with different people because what a pharmacist, doctor and researcher think of or see as important can vary greatly. 

If someone were considering applying to PHMI, what advice would you give them?  

Try and talk to as many people in industry as you can beforehand. Having an idea of what it is that you want to do, and why you want to do it will help you greatly going into the program.