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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Dr Halina Lam



Dr. Halina Lam - Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Toronto 

Hoffmann-La Roche 

PHMI Class of 2020 





What drew you to the PHMI program at Queen’s? 

As a pharmacist, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding about the drug development and market approval process. Thus, I was drawn to PHMI program to expand my knowledge and develop a solid understanding of the life cycle of a drug from the lab bench to the prescription vial. 

What were you doing when you entered the program? Were you already looking for opportunities in industry? 

I was working in a hospital when I entered the program and I was seeking opportunities to learn more  about the pharmaceutical industry so PHMI was the perfect opportunity for me! 

What has been your favourite experience so far? 

The people! It has been such a humbling experience to work with people from different backgrounds and expertise.  

  What is the most interesting thing you learned? Perhaps an “ah-ha” moment that has changed your view on something? 

During my internship, I learned the different chapters/departments that contribute to the essential function of a pharmaceutical organization. It really demonstrates the exciting and diverse opportunities available in the industry.  

If someone were considering applying to PHMI, what advice would you give them?  

 If you have always been curious about the industry, this is the program! I also suggest attending the annual PHMI open house to learn more about the program and it also provides you an opportunity ask questions to the PHMI faculty members and alumni.