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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the answers to many commonly asked questions about our graduate studies application process.

When should I apply?

All departments of the School of Graduate Studies have internal deadlines. Consult the departmental program pages on this website.

International applicants are advised that they should allow at least six months for the completed application to be considered. International students will need time to assemble the required transcripts, letters of recommendation and, where applicable, scores from standardized examinations (TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc.).

I have been in the workforce for several years and have lost contact with my previous instructors. Can I submit work references instead of academic references?

One or more professional recommendations may be included, however, all effort should be made to include at least one academic recommendation.

I have only one copy of my transcript and it is difficult to obtain copies from my university. May I submit a photocopy of it?

If submitting a copy of a transcript it must be notarized. This requires that you take your original transcript to a notary public and have official notarized copies made. These must have the original signature and seal of the notary public when submitted with your application.

The application deadline is fast approaching and I have not received back the recommendation letters/transcripts. May I submit them later?

It is important that your application be submitted as a package. However, it is understood that in exceptional circumstances some documentation may be late in arriving. In these cases you may submit it late and we will match it with your other documentation. Please ensure that your full name and reference number is visible on the outside of the document.

I have submitted my completed application. Now what happens?

On-line applicants are sent an email when the application is received and credit card payment has been processed, and another email when all required documentation has been received.

Graduate applications are processed in the following manner:

  1. The graduate department reviews each application
  2. The graduate department then recommends selected applicants for admission to the School of Graduate Studies
  3. The School verifies the credentials of the applicant and, if admissible, will issue an official letter of acceptance

Where can I get information on the status of my application?

If you applied online, you can log in to the Application Status Manager for information on the status of your application. For applicants who applied by paper, you must contact the department of interest directly.

If I get accepted, when will studies begin?

Many graduate programs allow entry in September, January and May. Graduate students remain continuously enrolled in programs and are expected to be making academic progress in all three terms each year (Fall term: September-December; Winter term: January-April; Spring/Summer Term: May-August).

If I get accepted, what else do I need to know?

If you applied online, you will be sent an email directing you to the online application site, where you can log in to your Application Status Manager and review our offer of admission. This online letter includes details of registration as soon as these are available. If you applied on paper, this offer of admission letter will be mailed to the mailing address on the form. If you require information about Tuition Fees, Registration and Pre- registration, Sessional dates, or if you wish to take a campus tour, please consult the Queen's University Office of the University Registrar.

May I apply to more than one graduate program?

You may apply to for more than one graduate program, but you must submit a complete application, (either the online application with all required supporting documentation, or the paper application, with all required supporting documentation) and pay the application fee, for each program to which you apply.

Are there any graduate communities that exist at Queen's?

Yes there are and in fact building a graduate community is very important in grad school. For indigenous students are recommend you contact Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (FDISC) and sign up to be a part of SAGE. Queen’s SAGE is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional peer-mentoring program designed to support Indigenous graduate students with the successful transition into and completion of their graduate programs. FDISC also have a Facebook page to keep up to date with other programming. For our international students, you should contact Queen's University International Centre (QUIC).  The QUIC staff will help you connect with current international students who can help guide you .  Lastly most graduate programs have a student led social group.  Ask your program Graduate Assistant about this and see if you can be added to their Facebook page or other listing.