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Grad student launches podcast series on Paris Commune 

The Paris Commune may not be the most famous piece of French history, but for one Queens student it inspired a new podcast series released this spring called Unraveled.

Launching over the month on April 2017, the podcast series Unraveled focuses on how movements, ideas or events go off the rails, and how history can end up in unexpected and unintended places. The first season is comprised of six-episodes that delve into the history of the Paris Commune, and each episode begins and ends with a song about the Commune.

“I've been hosting and producing radio shows and working in radio stations for a long time, and I've always wanted to make something just because I love it,” says Louis Zatzman, creator and host of Unraveled. “This podcast isn't for a job or an employer but because I get to tell a phenomenal story.”

The first three episodes of the podcast were released April 10, 2017, with the last three episodes scheduled for release on April 17, April 24 and May 1. The series starts in 1871 as France’s war with Prussia sunk Paris into starvation and extreme poverty. The first season explains the revolution that swept the city and the resulting new government—which was considered the world’s first socialist government—called the Paris Commune.

“The most interesting part of [this] is realizing how people used to change things when they didn't like them,” says Zatzman. “People walked down to the center of government to find out news and to force policies into action. I'm not saying that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's striking how different political engagement was only 150 years ago.”

Louis Zatzman is a masters student focusing on French history, specifically the Paris Commune.

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