2013 Finalists

2013 winner Xiaoqian Liu

First Place

Xiaoqian Liu


Title: Grade: an Indicator More Than Achievement?

2014 second place Rylee Beddoe

Second Place

Ryley Beddoe

Civil Engineering

Title: Landslides today, lives saved tomorrow

2013 people's choice Alaa al-Helaili

People's Choice

Alaa al-Helaili

Physiology - DBMS

Title: CysLT2Rs a New Avenue Towards Weight Loss

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Finalists 2013 (Left to Right): Haroon Malik (Computing), Laurelle Veloce (Physics), Rana Pishva (Psychology), Ryley Beddoe (Civil Engineering), Xiaoqian Liu (Education), Heather Ridgway (Rehabilitation Science), Sharief Oteafy (Computing), Jasmin Ma (Kinesiology & Health Studies), Frank Secretain (Mechanical & Materials Engineering), Alaa al-Helaili (Physiology), Mitchell Anderson (Physics),  Joel Roediger (Astrophysics), Nida Latif (Psychology)

Judges:  Daniel Woolf (Principal and Vice-Chancellor), Hon Peter Milliken, P.C., Dr. Steven Liss (VP Research), Ann Lukits (Journalist), Linda Ann Daly (Council member of the Transitional College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario).