2021 Finalists

Samantha Twietmeyer

First Place

Samantha Twietmeyer

Political Studies

Title: Scared of what's behind you - Negotiating a Double Minority Dilemma

Laura Connolly

Second Place

Laura Connolly

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Title: Robot-Assisted Surgery: Charting a new road map for cancer treatment

Quentin Tsang

People's Choice

Quentin Tsang

Translational Medicine

Title: Have questions about cannabis: can we really answer patients’ questions?

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"2021 3MT participants"

Photo of Participants (left to right, top to bottom): Tabatha Rahman (Geography), Salman Ahmadi (Epidemiology), Tessa Krause (Engineering & Applied Physics), Quentin Tsang (Translational Medicine), Natalie Hume (Art History), Laura Connolly (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Claudia Hirtenfelder (Geography), Samantha Twietmeyer (Political Studies), Jessie Reynolds (Biology)

Judges (not in photo): Kofi Adow (University Council), Mark Green, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), Sandra den Otter, Vice-Provost (International)

Emcee (not in photo): Dr. Christopher DeLuca, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies

The winner for 2021 - Samantha Twietmeyer holding her winners cheque

Samantha Twietmeyer holding her winners cheque