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​Student Government

Student government is fundamental to the leadership of Queen's and is one of our university's key distinguishing factors. Student government is responsible for many of the services and opportunities available on campus and represents the needs of the students to university administration.

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Alma Mater Society

The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University (AMS), the central student organization at Queen’s since 1858, is the oldest student association in Canada. Originally a debating society, the AMS progressively gained responsibilities for student affairs and became self-governing. Today, the AMS serves students and advocates their interests to the University and all levels of government.

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Society of Graduate and Professional Students

The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) represents graduate and professional students within the School of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, and School of Religion. The SGPS defends and expands the rights of graduate and professional students and provides many services.

Faculty and School-based Governments

Residence Council

The Residence Society: The residence student government is responsible for maintaining a positive living environment for all of its residents through a variety of programs. Students living in residence at Queen’s automatically become a member of the Residence Society.

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The Rector serves as the representative of all Queen’s University undergraduate and graduate students to the institution in matters pertaining to education. The Rector acts to support and mentor student representation and to enhance the broader learning environment. The Rector also acts as an advisor to, and advocate for, students in grievance procedures. Additionally, the role involves many ceremonial functions, including convocations and conferring of awards.