The American Association of Geographers (AAG) has announced its 2024 Fellows, recognizing seventeen geographers in a variety of practice areas for their contributions to geographic research, advancement of practice, and careers devoted to strengthening the field of geography, including teaching and mentoring. The honorary title of AAG Fellow is conferred for life.

This year’s cohort of AAG Fellows includes Dr. Mark Rosenberg, whose “leadership, vision, and enduring commitment to mentorship have propelled the growth and development of health and medical geography” (AAG). Dr. Rosenberg is recognized for his contributions to a wide range of national and international geographical organizations, including health geography groups of the AAG, CAG, and IGU, and for his thoughtful mentorship of graduate students and early-career faculty. Congratulations, Mark, on receiving this prestigious honour.

To learn more about the 2024 AAG Honors and all of this year’s award recipients, please visit the
2024 AAG Awards Recognition website.

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