[Photo of Dr. J. Barry Riddell]

Dr. J. Barry Riddell

Professor Emeritus

Department of Geography and Planning

Dr. Riddell has been at Queen's University since 1969. He has taught and conducted research on issues related to underdevelopment in the Third World. His empirical research has focused on Sub-Saharan Africa as well as Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. As well as the normal academic role at Queen's, Dr. Riddell has been a long-time member of the Canadian Association of African Studies, and has served as editor of their journal (Canadian Journal of African Studies) from 1991-2000 and from 2003- present.


  • B.A., M.A. (Toronto)
  • Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State, 1969)

Research Interests:

My academic endeavours have focused upon the experience of change, development, and underdevelopment in the Third World. This work has investigated the spread of change, transport network evolution, population migration, periodic marketing, the Third World state's role in redistribution, urban bias, the food crisis, the expression of themes of change in literature, structural adjustment programs and impacts, international financial institutions, globalization, methods of survival, the spread of modernization, debt relief programs, and landscapes of coping, and the nature of geographical investigation in the Third World - i.e. I'm interested in the 'actors' that shape the landscape of the Third World.