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Dr. Leela Viswanathan

Adjunct Associate Professor, FCIP, RPP

School of Urban and Regional Planning

Department of Geography and Planning

(Adjunct 1)

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Dr. Leela Viswanathan is Principal and Founder of Viswali Consulting, a planning and advisory firm that inspires planning with purpose and systems change. 

•    B.A. (McGill)
•    M.E.S. Planning (York)
•    Ph.D. (York)
•    FCIP, RPP

•    Planning With Indigenous Peoples (PWIP) Research Group
•    Viswali Consulting

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Research Interests:
Dr. Viswanathan’s ongoing research interests address planning and systems change, equity, and inclusion. She frequently collaborates with community-based and academic researchers to address both technical and adaptive planning problems at local and regional geographic scales. Dr. Viswanathan is Principal Investigator with the Planning with Indigenous Peoples (PWIP) Research Group, a multi-year (2014-2022) SSHRC-funded collaborative research project examining ways to enhance Indigenous-municipal relations in the context of land use planning in Southern Ontario and to seek relevant connections and applications to other jurisdictions.