Celebrating our newly minted Graduates!

Fall 2023 Convocation
The Convocation stage

This week has been about Convocation and celebrating the 1342 graduate students who had their degrees and diplomas officially conferred.  Congratulations to you all on this remarkable achievement.  The hard work has paid off and we couldn’t be more proud of you.  Here is the breakdown of degrees/diplomas:

#            Program/Degree

9            Arts Management Graduate Diploma

16          Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation

4            Diploma Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner

2            Doctor of Science in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership

4            Graduate Diploma in Biomedical Informatics

38          Graduate Diploma in Education

239        Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law

6            Master of Laws

154        Master of Arts

11          Master of Art Conservation

54          Master of Applied Science

17          Master of Education

19          Master of Engineering

5            Master of Environmental Studies

19          Master of Health Professions Education

30          Master of Industrial Relations

20          Master of Nursing

3            Master of Nursing Science

31          Master of Public Administration

5            Master of Public Health

2            Master of Philosophy

2            Master of Urban Planning

167        Master of Science

22          Master of Science (Aging and Health)

54          Master of Science (Healthcare Quality)

68          Master of Science (Occupational Therapy)

65          Master of Science (Physical Therapy)

119        Doctor of Philosophy

141        Professional Master of Education

5            Master of Education

10          Professional Master of Industrial Relations

1            Professional Master of Public Administration