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Independent Study Abroad

Independent study abroad allows you the opportunity to study at international universities with which Queen's does not have a formal exchange agreement, and on programs offered overseas by Canadian universities. The major difference is that a student who takes the independent study abroad route applies as a visiting student to the university and pays the relevant student fees to the host university.
Examples of study abroad programs include: 

  • the Canadian Field Studies in Africa program managed by McGill University, or
  • the Trent-in-Ecuador or Trent-in-Ghana programs managed by Trent University

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To participate in a study abroad program, or study at a university abroad which does not have a partnership agreement with Queen’s, you will require an International Letter of Permission from the IPO.

We also use the ILOP to enable transfer credit on several non-exchange programs facilitated by the IPO:

  • Semester in Shanghai
  • KGU Cross-Cultural College
  • OUI Summer Programs
  • Matariki Indigenous Student Mobility Program (if transfer credit is requested)

Learn more about eligibility and the application process