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Multi-Function Devices

Working with the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) Queen's and OECM have signed an 8 year agreement with Xerox Canada for the provision of a wide range of multi-functional copiers and digital printers for the publicly funded educational sector in Ontario.  The agreement began on July 20, 2015 and expires February 14, 2023.

Queen's University prefers the procurement of Multi-Function Devices (MFD) to the purchase of individual electronic equipment items such as printers, copiers, scanners, etc. Sometimes referred to as 'multi-function printers', an MFD can copy, print, scan, email and fax all from one physical unit. Most MFDs will even allow you to carry out more than one of these tasks simultaneously. As a business solution the MFD is ideal because it allows your office to increase productivity, streamline tasks, save on office space and potentially decrease costs by only paying for and maintaining one machine instead of a number of individual machines.

Prior to having a new MFD delivered please visit the ITS Standards for Multi-function Devices with a Hard drive Page.

for guidance on setting the equipment up on the network in a manner that will ensure our requirements for privacy and confidentiality are met. 

To leave feedback regarding this commodity or the supplier listed below please contact Strategic Procurement Services.

Supplier Contact Information





Xerox Canada




Service & Supplies: 1-800-275-9376
Billing Information:

Primary Contact (Billing; Removals; Deliveries): 
Nadia Ringuette
Xerox Digital Sales - Xerox Canada Ltd.
Tel. (514) 939-8184     Cell. (514) 601-8027

Luminita Donciu
Xerox Client Manager - Xerox Canada Ltd.
Tel. (514) 216-7587

Jocelyn d'Anjou
Sales Manager - Xerox Canada Ltd.
Tel. (514) 939-4207​   Cell (514) 601-1434

Contract Term & Product List

Eight Year term with no minimum volume commitments.  36, 48 and 60 month leases available.
    Standard Configuration

    The Supplier shall provide new (i.e. Office MFDs still being manufactured, actively marketed by the OEM and
    containing new/first time use parts/components) Office MFDs in the ranges set out below:

    • 15ppm to 24ppm, inclusive;
    • 25ppm to 34ppm, inclusive;
    • 35ppm to 44ppm, inclusive;
    • 45ppm to 54ppm, inclusive;
    • 55ppm to 64ppm, inclusive; and,
    • 65ppm to 79ppm, inclusive.
    • 80ppm to 90ppm, inclusive


    • 30ppm to 44ppm, inclusive; and,
    • 45ppm to 54ppm, inclusive.

    Other optional colour:

    • Model 6655, 25ppm to 34ppm; and,
    • Colourqube Model 9303, 45pm to 54ppm.

    Base Model Configuration - all MFD's will include:

    • Asset tracking software
    • Automatic reduction/enlargement
    • Automatic return document feeder
    • Duplexing (double sided copying)
    • Electronic sorting
    • Fax capability
    • Finisher with stapling
    • Four (4) paper trays (including one high copy capacity paper tray)
    • Hard Drive - minimum 128bit encrypted (with immediate over write)
    • Network accounting functionality
    • Network ready
    • Postscript and PCL capable
    • Print drivers
    • Scan to colour (creating searchable PDF files)
    • Scan to email using SMTP (creating searchable PDF files)
    • Scan to network (creating searchable PDF files)
    • Secure print

    Network Attached Multi-Function Devices

    All MFD's are network ready.  Queen's ITS  will have instructions for connecting the equipment to the network.  Level 4 MFDs requires 20 amp electrical outlet - receptacle can be provided by Xerox


    • - Meter readings will be sent to Xerox automatically via email for all connected devices.  A copy of the email will be sent to the designated person within each Institution.
    • - HST will be added to all invoices
    • - Invoices will be sent directly to Accounts Payable and then charged out to Departments

    Customer Service/ Maintenance

    Customer Service Professional will be allocated to each Institution.  This is the first level of contact when reporting service problems.

    Service Response Time

    On-site technical support when required

    Response time: Within 1 Business day

    Delivery Lead Times - Supplies, Parts and Components

    Once a Client places an order for supplies, the expected delivery lead times are:

    • Standard delivery for supplies - within two (2) Business Days; and,
    • Rush delivery for supplies – within one (1) Business Day.

    The Supplier shall co-ordinate directly with the Client regarding the status of orders, delivery, and scheduling for removal of packaging and pickup of empty cartridge containers, and any other information required. 

    If supplies need to be ordered, call 1-800-275-9376

    Delivery Lead Times - Office MFDs Once a Client places an order for an Office MFD, the anticipated delivery lead times are:
    • Standard delivery for Office MFDs - within ten (10) Business Days;
    • Rush delivery for Office MFDs – within five (5) Business Days; and,
    • For large fleet implementations will be mutually agreed upon between the Client and the Supplier.

    The Supplier shall pre-arrange the date and time of all deliveries with the Client at least three (3) Business Days prior to delivery.

    The Supplier shall co-ordinate directly with the Client regarding the status of orders, delivery, and scheduling for removal of packaging and any other information required.

    Deliveries must be made by the Supplier’s own transportation fleet or a reputable transportation company that allows for tracking of the shipments.


    • - Training material will be provided along with training documentation, CD's, on-line web links
    • - All staff, as needed,  will be trained on-site; follow-up training can be arranged as required.
    • - "Train the trainer" sessions will be held for designated Institution staff, if required.
    • - Designated trainers will be responsible for on-going training and support with the department.

    Equipment Reliability

    Xerox will not be responsible for abuse or misuse of equipment.

      Relocation of Equipment, Additions and Changes

      Office MFD requirements, after initial fleet implementation, may change for Clients during the Term of their CSA.
      To support this, the Supplier shall upon mutual agreement with the Client:

      • Provide additional Office MFDs available on the Agreement according to the period of time chosen by the Client, as required; 
      • All new Office MFDs added to an existing CSA would be coterminous to the expiry date of the CSA if the period of time is thirty-six (36), forty-eight (48) or sixty (60) months. If, however, a Client wishes to add a new Office MFD to their fleet, prior to expiry, with a time period shorter than thirty-six (36) months, the
      • Client and Supplier shall mutually agree to the Rate if the Client requires a coterminous expiry date; and, 
      • Move Office MFD(s) within a Clients organization to better balance utilization at no charge.

      Purchased Office MFD equipment shall be moved at the Client’s expense.

      Removal and Replacement

      The Client may request the Supplier to remove and replace any Office MFD within the agreed upon delivery lead
      times if it:

      • Malfunctions immediately upon delivery to a Client’s location; and,
      • Required three (3) or more service calls in two (2) consecutive months (excluding regular preventative maintenance and calls resulting from user error).

      If replacement is required, the Supplier shall co-ordinate the replacement with the Client ensuring the defective Office MFD is removed immediately, and that a new Office MFD (with the same features) is delivered and installed.

      The replacement Office MFD shall be delivered according to the agreed upon delivery lead times.

      If an Office MFD is removed or replaced, the Supplier will:

      • Guarantee the safety of the data by offering the following three (3) options to the Client:
      • The hard drive will be sanitization;
      • The hard drive will be destroyed, and a destruction certificate will be provided to the Client; or
      • The hard drive is retained by the Client, at a cost.
      • Update its inventory management system accordingly and provide an updated report to the Client.

      The CSA, if applicable, will be amended with the replacement Office MFD. The expiry date, however, will not change. Therefore, the original expiry date of the CSA will be applicable for any Office MFD replacement made during the Term of the Agreement due to the issue noted above.

      Defective/malfunctioning Office MFDs returned to the Supplier must not be deployed at any other OECM Client location.

      If the Client has purchased the Office MFD equipment (and related software) directly or through a third party and the Office MFD (and related software) requires replacement, the Client shall ensure any third party financial encumbrances have been fully discharged prior to the Supplier’s removal of such equipment.

      Designated Institution Representative

      Xerox Canada Ltd.
      Luminita Donciu - (514) 216-7587

      Service & Supplies 1-800-275-9376

      Request for Removal of Xerox Equipment Form