Supplier FAQs


In order to become a preferred supplier of Queen's or have a catalogue in our P2P environment, suppliers must have gone through an open procurement competition.  These open procurement opportunities are either run by Queen's or as a public institution under the Broader Public Sector (BPS), we can utilize collaborative contracts from organizations such as Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS), the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) and the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO), etc.  All open competitions run by Queen's are publicly posted to Biddingo and can be accessed at the Queen’s Biddingo page for postings.

Suppliers are encouraged to register on Biddingo and pay the yearly Biddingo membership fee. By doing this, they’ll receive notification every time a procurement is posted that fits the categories associated with their business. Queen's Biddingo

Suppliers can check the Queen's website for the faculty or department they're looking to do business with. They should contact them to share information about the goods/services they provide. For purchases under $100K, Queen’s follows the rules outlined in the Queen’s Procurement Policy.

A RFSQ is a publicly tendered call for Suppliers to Qualify as Preferred Suppliers or Vendors of Record (VORs) for a particular good or service. Each proponent is required to provide a response to the RFSQ and these are evaluated by a team of subject matter experts based on defined, rated criteria. The highest scoring proponents, as outlined in the RFSQ document, enter into an agreement with Queen's for a specified length of time in accordance to the terms laid out in the documents.

Teams from across campus are involved in deciding when a Preferred Supplier list would benefit their department or the entire University. They form part of the team that is put in place to qualify the potential suppliers. A member from the Strategic Procurement Services Sourcing Team facilitates and oversees the process to ensure compliance to the public sector legislation and directives.

The evaluation teams selected from across campus look at spend data for the university, along with market data to determine a suitable number of Preferred Suppliers for each commodity programs. The target is to cover at least 90% of spend and provide a choice of qualified vendors.

Queen’s Supplier Portal

Queen’s University’s implementation of a cloud-based procure-to-pay tool (acQuire) and Supplier Management portal (acQuire Supplier Network Portal), powered by Jaggaer*, have brought many benefits to both Queen’s and our valued suppliers. These platforms offer increased efficiency, transparency and reporting capabilities for the University’s P2P activities. The supplier portal offers many benefits to our valued suppliers, such as: • Efficient receipt of Purchase Orders • Ease of PO invoice submissions • Increased visibility into PO invoice payment status • Direct ownership of suppliers’ information (ease to confirm and update any company changes) As a supplier, you must receive an email invitation from Queen’s University to register in this portal – Queen’s will not be accepting unsolicited registrations at this time. The link to create your portal account will be included in the initial registration email. Contact information for questions or concerns about this registration process will be also provided in the email invitation, as well as within the registration portal. Queen’s looks forward to evolving our business relationship with your company and utilizing this new supplier portal as one of the ways to do so. *Jagger is an international source-to-pay and supply chain best-in-class supplier offering cloud-based e- Procurement, Invoicing and Supplier Management platforms (amongst others).

Link to the acQuire portal


Ideally, yes. Some exceptions apply.

Ensure you are utilizing the exact email address to sign up, that the invitation was registered to initially. If you are not, please do so. Or contact the acQuire Supplier Support Team to request the invitation be rerouted to an alternate email (

If you have already registered with Jaggaer via another client (or Queen’s), and are having trouble logging back into your Jaggaer Supplier account, please call Jaggaer Supplier Support for direct assistance: 1-800-233-1121 or visit the Jaggear website for further information (this is not something Queen’s can assist with, unfortunately).

After you submit your registration profile into the portal, it comes to the Queen’s Strategic Procurement Services Team for review/approval. If there is missing information or a technical issue with the profile, the Procurement team may return the registration to you and ask you to edit/resubmit. We will always provide a note when returning the registration to you, to ensure you have the information you need to edit/resubmit the profile accordingly.

Payment titles can be anything you want. For addresses you could enter “main” or “head office”. For payments you could put “cheque” or “EFT” etc.

In most cases, Queen’s requires suppliers we’re conducting business with to have/provide insurance. Failing to provide insurance may delay procurement/payables activity between Queen's and your organization.

Yes – this is the link to the Portal and Registration Guide (PDF, 4.2 MB) and it is also available on the portal login page and within the portal. If the previous download link does not work or you cannot locate the guide in the portal, please email

Invoicing and Payments

Definitions of the different pay methods Queen’s can remit via can be found on the Payment Terms and Methods page.

Offered pay terms to correspond with the payment methods can be found on the Payment Terms and Methods page

Yes – VPA is not just for CDN suppliers. If you choose VPA as an option, you need to have a merchant account set up. Further information located on VPA Overview page.

The answer depends on whether your supplier profile is up-to-date in Queen’s database (ie. is the right address/remittance information on file?) and the agreed upon payment terms for your profile (or the particular invoice in question). If you have registered in Queen’s supplier portal, you may be able to locate invoice status information there as well. Additionally, further information on Queen’s payment terms and methods.

At the bottom of the form, where it says “Preferred Remittance Method of Supplier” choose EFT, ACH or WIRE and then enter your bank account information as prompted. Review of this information is restricted to small number of Strategic Procurement Services staff members and then uploaded to a secure portal. Once information is uploaded to the secure portal, your initial submission of banking information is deleted from our files.