Preferred Suppliers

Queen's University has entered into agreements with several proponents for the supply of various goods and services.  These agreements are as a result of one of the following procurement processes:

Queen's led open procurement processes are publicly posted in a fair, open and transparent manner on  Teams composed of faculty and staff from across the Queen's community evaluate received proposals.  Proposals representing the best value, including quality, range of products, level of customer service, delivery and potential cost savings are selected to become Preferred Suppliers for the Queen's community.

Agreements are in place covering a range of goods and services - please see the alphabetical commodity list below.

Strategic Procurement Services targets Preferred Supplier programs based on commodities widely used across campus.  If you wish to leave feedback regarding the Preferred Supplier program, please contact

Bottled & Compressed Gases (and Dry Ice)

View Bottled & Compressed Gases details

Building Supplies & Services

View Building Supplies & Services page

COVID-19 Return to Campus Supplies including PPE

View COVID-19 Return to Campus Supplies page

Direct Mail & Letterpress Services

View Direct Mail & Letterpress Services details

Facilities Project Management Services

View Facilities Project Management Services details

IT Hardware, Audio Visual, Software & Accessories

View IT Hardware, Audio Visual, Software & Accessories details

IT Technical Resource Augmentation Services

View IT Technical Resource Augmentation Services details

Mobile Technology (Cell Phones & PDAs)

View Mobile Technology details

Printed Materials & Print-Related Services

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