Accounts Payable FAQs

The Accounts Payable (AP) team is the central team responsible for the preparation and processing of goods & service related payments at Queen’s. The team’s oversight includes processing, reviewing and approving PO and non-PO invoices in both acQuire and PeopleSoft.

Responsibility is based on a supplier alpha distribution – current listing can be located on the Accounts Payable overview page. Preferably we ask that you add a “comment” on your PO in acQuire, assigning it to the applicable AP Clerk, requesting the invoice be processed – this offers both you and the AP team enhanced visibility into invoice payment requests and streamlines the processing.

Full information on Queen’s standard payment terms and payment methods can be found on the Payment Terms and Methods page.

Certain pay methods offered at Queen’s come with quicker pay terms – those are detailed on the Payment Terms and Methods page.

Otherwise, requests for pay term adjustments to supplier files can be requested via the Request for Permanent Payment Term Adjustment form in acQuire - navigate to Forms -> Supplier Request -> Request for Permanent Payment Term Adjustment. Some exceptions can be made for certain types of suppliers as well (ie. individuals).

Requests are permitted, yes. However, they are subject to review/approval by Procurement Management. For a one-time exception on an invoice, please add a “comment” on the acQuire voucher in question, requesting the pay term exception for the payment. Assign the comment to the Associate Director, Procurement Operations and the AP Clerk who processed the voucher initially – the team will review and provide feedback.

This information can be found by reviewing the acQuire voucher. Navigate and review the “General” section on the voucher to verify the Supplier Invoice Date and Pay Term. If the Invoice is dated 26/01/2021 and terms are NET 60, then this invoice will pay 60 days from the invoice date. Pay cycles are on Tuesdays and Thursdays and invoices will pay on or before the due date. Note that cheques are currently only printed on Tuesdays. Additionally, review the “Payment Information” section on the voucher to verify the “Projected Payment Date” – this will offer a projection of when the invoice is due to pay. Alternatively, if the supplier has registered in the acQuire Supplier Portal they should be able to view invoice status information themselves. Please email if you have further inquiries about the voucher in acQuire, or have the supplier email if they have inquiries about the supplier portal.

Typically, No. Honorarium payments to employees should be going through the Payroll department on an additional one-time payment form on the Financial Services website. If you are unsure whether the honorarium is related to employment, contact for verification of how the payment should be processed

You cannot. Further information on this topic can be found on the Queen's Secretariat website.

A rush payment would apply when a department requests to pay an invoice on the next pay cycle, before the applicable/projected payment term set up for that supplier/payment (ie. requesting to pay an invoice outside of the projected NET60 days). All rush payment review/approvals need to be performed outside of the normal operational flow and within a timely manner - this requires multiple reviews from different areas, requiring each Approver to put the rush request ahead of all other normal requests and duties. Because of these added reviews and accommodations, a $200 processing fee is charged to the requesting department.