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Form Name Form Focus
Agency Fund - Credit Note Template (XLS, 39 KB) Agency Fund Credit Note Template
Agency Fund - Invoice Template (XLS, 40KB) Agency Fund Invoice Template
Authorization of Off Campus use of Equipment (PDF, 2.4 MB) Approval to Remove University Assets from Queen's Campus
Authorization for Transfer of Research Funded Assets (PDF, 601 KB) Approval to Transfer Research Funded Assets
ChartField Request (PDF, 1.1 MB) Create, Modify, Delete a ChartField
Debit/Credit Card Facility - Change (PDF, 574 KB) Change Notification for a Debit/Credit Card Facility
Debit/Credit Card Facility - Close (PDF, 565 KB) Close Notification for a Debit/Credit Card Facility
Debit/Credit Card Facility Requisition - Online (PDF, 660 KB) Departmental Requisition for a new Debit/Credit Card Facility
Debit/Credit Card Facility Requisition - PIN Pad (PDF, 855 KB) Department Requisition for a new Debit/Credit Card Facility  PIN pad
Deposit Transmittal (PDF, 942 KB) Deposits Delivered to and Processed by Financial Services
ERS - Approver Change Form (PDF, 571 KB) Use to add/remove one approver to the Expense Reimbursement System (ERS)
ERS - Cash Advance Return Receipt (PDF, 888 KB)

Expense Reimbursement System

ERS - Payments to Indigenous Elders Participant Form (PDF, 86KB)  Expense Reimbursement System
Expense Reimbursement Form (PDF, 311 KB) Expense Reimbursement Form for non ERS users
Financial Systems Security Access Request NEW - Access to GL Financial Reporting, Journal Entry, and Purchasing Roles
Funding for Research Projects (PDF, 133 KB) Loan or Contribution for Research Projects
General Ledger (GL) - Journal Entry (PDF, 1 MB) Journal Entry
Internal Loan Application (PDF, 711 KB) Application for an Internal Loan Internal Loans Policy
New Customer and Update Request Template (xls, 27KB) Accounts Receivable 
Overdraft Request - Research Project (PDF, 52 KB)  Research
Payroll - Additional/One-Time Payment Request (PDF, 2.78 MB) Payroll
Payroll - Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF, 181 KB) Payroll
Payroll - Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) (XLS, 72.6 KB) Payroll
Payroll - Record of Employment Request Instructions (PDF, 79 KB) Payroll
Payroll - Record of Employment Request Form (PDF, 53 KB) Payroll
Payroll - Tax Slip Copy Request (PDF, 327 KB) Payroll
Payroll - 2024 TD1 Fed Form (PDF, 39.4 KB) Payroll
Payroll - 2024 TD1 Fillable Fed Form - Open in Internet Explorer (PDF, 154.7 KB) Payroll
Payroll - 2024 TD1 ON Prov Form (PDF, 33 KB) Payroll
Payroll - 2024 TD1 ON Prov Fillable Form - Open in Internet Explorer (PDF, 169.4 KB) Payroll
Payroll - TD1-IN  (PDF, 40KB) Payroll
Payroll - TD1-IN Fillable Form (PDF, 177KB) Payroll
Petty Cash Account Application (PDF, 562 KB) Establish a petty cash account
Request for U.S. Fixed Exchange Rate/Forward Exchange Contract (PDF, 209 KB) U.S. Fixed Exchange Rate / Forward Exchange Contract Request
Request to Transfer Funds to Endowment Capital (PDF, 116 KB) Transfer Internal Funds to Endowment Capital
Request to Transfer Funds to Major Capital Projects (PDF, 224 KB) Transfers to/from Department/Faculty carry forward balances related to Major Capital Projects
Research Project Signing Authority and Systems Access (PDF, 360 KB) Signing Authority & Research Reports Access - Research Funds
Stop Payment Request (PDF, 937 KB) Stop Payments
Subrecipient Audit Certification and Questionnaire (PDF, 2 MB) Certification and Questionnaire
Travel Advance Form (PDF, 318 KB) Travel Advance Form After May 1/20
Travel Policy Exception (PDF, 1.37 MB) Travel Policy Receipt Exception - Research Only
Wire Transfer (PDF, 312 KB) Wire Transfer Information Form

Human Resources (HR) Forms
Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) Forms