Managing Specific Funds

A Look Behind this Figure

Gain a better understanding about research commitments.  Learn about the different types of commitments and how they are calculated and reflected in research reports.

  Research Commitments - A Look Behind this Figure (PDF, 464 KB)

Each year, Tri-Council grant holders are required to approve their annual statement of account (Form 300), as per Tri-Council agency regulations. Statements of Account are prepared by Research Accounting, Financial Services. Upon notification from Research Accounting sometime in June of each year, grant holders will be provided with details specific to their Tri-Council projects, to be used during the approval process. This tutorial provides step by step instructions for grant holders to complete the approval process.

  Approving Annual Statements of Account - Form 300s (PDF, 338 KB)

Understanding the Basics

Learn the basics of research overhead, including what it is, how it is calculated and recorded, and other important factors to help you manage your research project.

  Understanding the Basics - Research Overhead (PDF, 378 KB)

Understanding the Life Cycle

Learn about the life cycle of a research project, from project establishment to project close.  This tutorial will describe the requirements of a research project from a Research Accounting perspective.

  Research Projects - Understanding the Life Cycle (PDF, 264 KB)

Funds that Begin with 5, 6, 7, 8

Discover the unique intricacies of trust and endowment funds and the various types of funds available. Learn the processes surrounding donations, interest and units on endowed funds, recapitalization and related transfers, and other important tips for managing your fund.

  Managing Trust and Endowment Funds (PDF, 823 KB)

Why What You Do Matters!

It’s April 30th, the books are closed, now what?  Take a tour of the Queen’s Financial Statements and learn how your departmental results fit into the bigger picture at Queen’s.

  The University's Audited Financial Statements (PDF, 618 KB)