Accounting Basics & Processes

Understanding the Basics

This lesson introduces you to the basic concepts and standards used in the accounting world.  Find out how the day-to-day administrative tasks you perform tie into Queen’s accounting world and the accounting cycle.

  Accounting 101 - Understanding the Basics (PDF, 635 KB)

Show Me the Money!

Billing external parties for amounts due to Queen’s is a common occurrence for many departments. This tutorial provides instructions for invoice preparation, how to record and track invoices issued, how to issue credit invoices, and the collection and deposit of payments received.

  Accounts Receivable - Preparing and Processing Queen's Invoices (PDF, 1.014 MB)

A Taxing Subject

Whether paying or collecting GST/HST, be confident the tax is recorded accurately in your fund and department. Learn when to include tax on sales invoices, when and how to self-assess HST and more.

  HST Presentation Slides (PDF, 358 KB)

It's a Balancing Act

This tutorial defines the purpose of a journal entry and the types of transactions that require a journal entry.  Topics include general guidelines and rules, approvals, documentation compliance, timelines and cut-offs, system access, and ChartField security.

  Journal Entries - Part 1 Basics (PDF, 618 KB)

Moving Research Dollars

Learn key factors to consider before processing a correcting journal entry that will impact a research project. Special attention is given to transactions involving overhead, salary and benefits, and research revenue.

  Journal Entries - Part 2 Research (PDF, 684 KB)

Learn key factors to consider before processing a correcting journal entry.

  Journal Entry Guide (PDF, 1.23 MB)

What's the Difference?

Learn the importance of distinguishing between internal and external transactions.  Gain confidence in knowing how to choose the correct account when processing internal sales, internal cost recovery, revenue transfers, external revenue and external cost recovery.

  Revenue & Cost Recoveries - Internal and External Transactions (PDF, 665 KB)

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Choosing the Correct Payment Process

Get the facts on what’s considered taxable income and know how to process the payment.  Whether the payee is a student, a Queen’s employee or a person external to the university, Queen’s is obligated to ensure it is in compliancy with Canada Revenue Agency.

  Choosing the Correct Payment Process - Taxable vs Non-Taxable Payments (PDF, 343 KB)