Getting Started

If you are new to your administrative role, your orientation starts here.  Get started and get connected.  Meet the team and learn what core activities and services Financial Services provide.

  Getting Started Connecting You to People, Systems & Training (pdf, 2.06 MB)

The Control Environment at Queen's

What is internal control? How do sound internal controls increase the likelihood that our objectives and goals will be achieved? Learn the key elements and main activities of a sound Control Environment and know the consequences of poor control.

   Maintaining a Strong Control Environment - Part 1 (PDF, 808.3 KB)

Roles Within the Control Environment

This lesson provides an overview of the key players within the Control Environment and how they interact with each other; the role of Board and Management, Support Services, Internal Audit, and your role.

  Maintaining a Strong Control Environment - Part 2 (PDF, 740 KB)

This tutorial will introduce you to key financial and administration policies.

  Policies - Compliance is Golden (PDF, 338 KB)

Gain a solid understanding of the university’s general ledger. Choosing the correct ChartField when initiating expense and revenue transactions is essential in effectively managing your financial activity.

  The General Ledger & Why ChartFields Matter (PDF, 1.008 MB)

Timing is Everything

Plan effectively. Learn important timelines and cut-off dates that will assist you in meeting deadlines for processes relating to making payments, deposits, P-Card reconciliation, month-end and year-end processing and reporting, and more.

  Timelines & Cut-offs (PDF, 547 KB)

View Timelines and Cutoffs page

A Look Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how that transaction made its way to your monthly Statement of Operations?  Find out who to contact when you have an inquiry.

  What Feeds into Finance PeopleSoft (PDF, 747 KB)