Overview - Research

All research purchasing at Queen's University falls under the Ontario Broad Public Sector Procurement Directive.  As such, the Policies and Acts mandated by Federal and Provincial Government apply.  Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) checks research related Purchase Orders for compliance with Queen's University Procurement Policy as well as funding eligibility and document formatting.  Purchase orders that are in full compliance are approved and dispatched to the appropriate vendor.  If there are any discrepancies, SPS will contact the requestor and/or vendor and resolve the issue.

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Research Procurement Contacts:

SPS oversees the acquisition of products and services on behalf of the University. For research related purchases, SPS assists Principal Investigators (PIs) and their teams with sourcing goods/services and ensures the university's policies and procedures are met along with provincial and federal legislation related to public buying, sponsor terms and conditions.

SPS has two, main staff members dedicated to Research acquisitions. They, along with other members of the team, are familiar with the guidelines of the major research funding bodies, including the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and with public tendering processes necessary for the purchase of research equipment/services valued over $100,000 (including in kind contributions but before taxes). Please do not hesitate to to reach out if you have a question regarding a research purchase.

Shelley Rizzo, Procurement Specialist | email: shelley.rizzo@queensu.ca | phone: (613) 533-2626 | ext. 32626

Christine Wight, Buyer & Procurement Analyst | email: christine.wight@queensu.ca | phone: (613) 533-2236 | ext. 32236