New! Travel Credit Card (TCard) Program Launched

Strategic Procurement Services (SPS) is pleased to announce the launch of the new Travel Credit Card (TCard) program effective January 1, 2021.  Please note, the launch of this program is in no way an endorsement of non-essential travel during the current pandemic.  Due to a significant downturn in travel because of the pandemic, SPS has taken the opportunity this situation has provided to launch this program and be ready for when travel is once again allowed. 

The new TCard program is under the university’s Scotiabank contract and will replace the previous program offered through American Express (AMEX).  The TCard program has been updated to offer more flexibility for travelers, while ensuring proper controls have been put in place to protect both the traveler and the university.  Some of the benefits of the new TCard program are:

  • The university will pay directly to the card provider any travel expenses charged to the TCard that are submitted and approved through an expense claim processed in the ERS
  • Preset credit card limits that allow the employee to travel with ease without having to use their own personal credit for Queen’s business travel
  • Collision/Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) Insurance for rental vehicles for further financial savings to department and research budgets
  • Synchronization with the Employee Reimbursement System (ERS) for ease of submitting reimbursement claims

With the introduction of the new TCard program, changes have been made to the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy.  Changes include:

  • Mandatory use of the ERS to submit and process expense claims, for all who have access to it (including all staff, faculty, and graduate students)
  • Significant reduction of travel advances for university travel, due to availability of new TCards for required travel prepayments
  • Allowance of multiple claims to be processed in the ERS for a single trip, if costs incurred in advance of travel are prepaid on a TCard

Applications are now being accepted via acQuire – please complete the applicable application found in Credit Card Forms on the acQuire main page.  A reminder, if you are applying for a TCard and are the Approver for your department, your application will need to be forwarded to your one-over-one approval.  In order for applicant to receive their physical TCard, cardholders must complete the mandatory training, and formally sign off on the Cardholder Agreement prior to a TCard being issued to the employee.


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