Research Purchasing Basics


Please obtain the correct number of quotes based on the value of your equipment/service (the value includes any in kind contributions but not any educational/academic discounts or taxes):

  • Under $10,000 requires a minimum of 1 quote (written quote needed for CFI purchases)
  • Between $10,000 and $49,999 requires a minimum of 2 written quotes.
  • Between $49,999 and $99,999 requires a minimum of 3 written quotes.
  • Over $100,000 - contact SPS to arrange a public tender for your equipment/service

All quotes should be valid when submitted in PeopleSoft, please renew the quote with the Supplier if it is about to, or has expire(d).

It is important to remember that no commitment to purchase any item from a Supplier is in place until a Purchase Order is issued containing agreed upon terms and conditions between the Supplier and Queen's University. If you are building a budget for a research project, request a Budgetary Quote from the Supplier. There is often considerable time between budget approval, award of funds and placement of an order.

See the CFI Procurement page for further information on CFI pricing and quote format. 

For all CFI-funded purchases all quotes obtained must be attached to the requisition in PeopleSoft (preferably as individual files as Header Comments on the req rather than as Line comments). In the Header Comments state that the order is CFI funded and which project and line item(s) it corresponds to. 

For non-CFI funded purchases under $10,000 a quote does not need to be attached to the Requisition but helps SPS check all data has been entered correctly. 


Single/Sole Source or High Bidder

If an item is single source, sole source or you wish to purchase from a vendor that has not quoted the lowest price, please complete a P0001 Exemption Form and attach to the requisition. The justification for your exemption from our Procurement Policy should be straightforward and logical (these forms are often reviewed by auditors). Contact SPS if you have any questions regarding this form. Completed P0001 forms should be attached to the requisition in PeopleSoft or they can also be emailed or faxed to SPS.

The new BPS Procurement Directive mandates that single/sole source exemptions must be approved following Queen's Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Invoices. Approval of these forms must come from an Approver one level ABOVE that required for a purchase of the same value that has competitive quotes.


Electrical Safety

Electrical items must be CSA or ULc approved.  If they are not approved, and the supplier is not willing to have the equipment certified at their own expense, an inspection by an approved Electrical Safety Authority Field Evaluation Team can be arranged by calling FIXIT (ext 77301). There is a charge for this certification process that must be covered by the Researcher.



Check the currency on the quote, not all US-based suppliers quote in US$ and some Canadian-based Suppliers quote in US$. PeopleSoft can also accept requisitions entered in Euros (€) or Pounds Sterling (£).


Due Date and Ship To Location

When you submit a requisition check the delivery information on the quote and enter a due date that is in line with this.  For example, if the quote states delivery will be 4-6 weeks then set the due date of the requisition accordingly rather than leaving it as today's date.  Also check you have entered your Ship To location (or one time Ship To details).



Please ensure you have entered the relevant chartfields on the distribution page on the requisition.  Correct chartfield information helps your requisitions pass Budget Check and be sourced into Purchase Orders smoothly.  Research requisitions require at least: 

  • Fund: 30000
  • Dept: 5 digits unique to each Department.
  • Account: Relevant account code, automatically be assigned based on whatever category is chosen.
  • Program: CFI-funded purchases only, corresponds to line item in finalized budget (98XXX), for example Line Item 1 would be 98001, Line Item 13 would be 98013.
  • Project: the 6 digit project number assigned by Finance.


Research Procurement Approval

All transactions are to be requested and approved only by authorized University staff in accordance with the Queen's Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Invoices.