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Financial Services provides excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our staff, our understanding of university operations, and a continued focus on process improvement.

Important Notices

September 2021 Monthly Payday Confirmation

Due to the Federal Holiday of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation being on the September 30th, the monthly payroll pay date has been changed from September 30th to September 29th  2021


All BMO functions cancelled- Thursday September 30th

Sep 14, 2021: We have been notified that the Bank of Montreal will be closed Thursday, September 30, 2021 to observe the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

All bank functions for the University are cancelled for this day.

Thank you, Financial Services


Revised 2021 Bi-Weekly CUPE 229 and Casual Calendars and Schedules update at April 19, 2021

The cut-off date for May 28th payday has been changed from May 18, 2021 to May 17, 2021. Please see revised calendars here.

Year End Communications & Reporting Schedule - 2021

The Year End Communications and Reporting Schedule for the year end April 30, 2021 have been updated. We ask that all business officers review this information at your earliest convenience, found here.


Deducting Home Office Expenses and Supplies for the 2020 taxation year

* Update: The forms were sent by email to available employees on February 24, 2021 

If you worked from home during 2020 for more than 50% of the time, for a period of at least four consecutive weeks, you are eligible to claim a deduction on your 2020 personal income tax return for home office expenses (work-space-in-the-home expenses, office supplies, and certain phone/internet expenses). 

Employees who wish to claim home office expenses have the option of selecting either the simplified (or flat rate) method or the detailed method.  For an overview of the two methods, please click this link.

Employees who wish to use the detailed method must have a completed and signed form T2200S from the University.  These forms will be available to employees on or before February 28, 2021.  More information on how the forms will be distributed will be communicated closer to that date.

A detailed FAQ Document is available for you to review here.  Also available for you to review is a Home Office Expense Calculation Template, that has been prepared for Queen’s by KMPG. This document is intended to assist you in determining which claims method (“flat rate” or “detailed”) would be most appropriate to your personal circumstances, and to help in the completion of your 2020 personal income tax return.   Please read KPMG’s Disclaimer on the Instruction Page of the attached Excel document. Queen’s is providing this Template for informational purposes as a tool for you to use if you wish.  Queen’s assumes no responsibility for your use of this tool.  If you have any questions or concerns about using the calculator or the result(s) it provides once you populate it with your information, please consult your personal financial/tax advisor.  

Should you have questions about this e-mail, please contact Financial Services at


Queens’ Financial Services


Due to new provincial lockdown measures, effective January 14, 2021 we will open Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 12:00pm.

These hours should accommodate the students and employees remaining on campus. These hours are for the 3rd floor of Rideau Building, 207 Stuart Street only.

Paycycles will still be running as scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays and cheques will still only be printed on Tuesdays only.


Financial Services

Travel & Expense Reimbursements

New & Revised Policy and Procedure Documents

Please note that the following new & revised documents have now been posted:

Significant changes from previous policies and procedures include:

  • Release of new Travel Credit Card (TCard) program
    • Travel advances will no longer be issued for costs that can be paid for through a TCard
    • Costs incurred in advance of travel (ex. Flight prepayments) can be claimed when booking finalized, if paid for on TCard
  • Mandatory use of the ERS for all who have access to it (includes all Staff, Faculty, and Graduate Students)
  • Additions to list of positions that can approve an Exception to Policy

Please refer to the documents linked above for the details of these new and revised Policies and Procedures.

Kind Regards,

Queen’s Financial Services

This is to officially inform you that ePly is now LIVE!

ePly is an online event registration software, and is the perfect tool for Queen’s business units to accept registrations for one-time/annual events and conferences. 

It is equally effective whether you are hosting a free event, or a paid event for which you would like to accept credit card payments.

Some of the benefits of this new solution are:

  • fast, easy set-up for events
  • can be used to send invitations and emails to potential and existing attendees
  • real-time push notifications to update or send reminders to attendees
  • robust reporting available to event administrators
  • excellent Customer Support is available, and training videos are available at any time
  • Great User Experience – quick and easy to use, with no long/painful account setup
  • Paid events have lower administration costs for collecting credit card payments than previously available solutions
  • multiple ticket pricing options can be set up if desired (ex. early birds, VIPs, discounts, and promotions)
  • safe and secure for credit card acceptance and is fully PCI Compliant
  • is absolutely FREE to use for free (non-paid) events!

To determine if ePly is right for you and to learn more about the solution, click here.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss ePly and its possible use, please contact the PCI Coordinator at

Kind Regards,

Financial Services

Travel Cancellations

In response to recent developments regarding COVID-19, individuals may have need to cancel travel plans as a result of a various considerations such as cancelled conferences, travel advisories, or due to health or other concerns. 

Up to date information on the Coronavirus COVID-19, including travel related information, can be found on the University’s Coronavirus COVID-19 Information website

Tri-agency messaging regarding travel cancellations due to COVID-19 related issues can be found on the Office of the Vice Principal (Research) website.

Costs incurred related to cancelled travel plans will be reimbursed and should be submitted through an expense claim. Claims must include the following information: 

  1. The reason for cancellation (note in the comments section of the expense claim request).
  2. Documentation showing that the cost was non-refundable.

Where credits towards future travel costs have been issued, individuals are expected to ensure they are applied, to the fullest extent possible, to the cost of future Queen’s travel.

Outstanding, unspent travel advances related to cancelled trips must be repaid, and the advance accounted for in full,  as soon as the trip is cancelled.

If you have any questions or concerns on any of the above, please contact Financial Services at, or by phone at (613)533-2050.

Kind Regards,

Financial Services


Important Information Regarding Research Signing Authority Forms

As you may know, before a research project can be established, a completed Signing Authority & Research Reports Access – Research Funds form must be submitted through the TRAQ system.  This form must be signed by the Principal Investigator, and may also be used to assign various roles to authorized delegates.

This is a friendly reminder that any changes to roles assigned for an existing research project, including the addition or removal of roles, should also be addressed by submitting a completed form.  For example, if an authorized delegate has changed positions or left the University, a form should be submitted documenting these details and should be sent to

This will help ensure that only individuals who are authorized by the Principal Investigator, have access to the research project.

Kind regards,

Research Accounting


Information for Reimbursing Expenses incurred by employees working remotely during COVID-19


Due to many staff of the University working from home we would like to ask that the following procedures for submitting paper claims by e-mail be followed. We are doing our best to adapt to this new situation and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your understanding.


New Expense Reimbursement Form for non-ERS claims

On April 30th, a new form will be added to the Financial Services website to be used for all expense reimbursement claims (travel or non-travel) that cannot be processed through the ERS.  A new Travel Advance Request form will be added to the site as well, at the same time.  These forms are to be used to process all non-ERS claims from May 1, 2020 onward.  This is to coincide with the removal of the Cheque Requisition Form and the current Travel/Advance form, which have both been used for non-ERS claims previously. 

For any questions you may have on this matter, please contact

Kind Regards,

Financial Services


Deposit Form Revisions

Effective January 24, 2020, a newly revised Deposit Transmittal Form was posted to the Forms tab on the Financial Services website.  The changes made to the form are intended to reduce coding issues, and to provide clearer direction on the deposit process, which will reduce processing time and therefore be beneficial for all parties involved on the go-forward.

Clarification is also provided regarding cheque payees, to highlight that all cheques to be deposited MUST be made payable to “Queen's University” or “Queen's University at Kingston”. Cheques that contain any other variation on the ‘Payable to’ line will be returned to the department, as we will not be able to process the deposit with the bank.

Queen’s staff that process cash or cheque deposits are required to use the newly updated form for all deposits processed from this point forward, and discard any saved copies of the previous form. 

For more details, please refer to the ‘Cheque Deposits’ information on the Policies & Procedures tab on the Financial Services website.

Kind Regards,

Financial Services

Effective January 1, 2020 New Taxable Benefit Reporting for Employee

Have you Recently Changed your Job (Role) on Campus? Do you Know What Forms you Need to Submit?

Find out which Financial Forms you may need to submit to ensure the proper access required to perform your new duties. 

Service Provider: Employee or Independent Contractor

Determine if your Service Provider is an Employee or an Independent Contractor

Adding or Updating Your Payroll Banking Information

For employees who need to add or update their banking information while the MYHR Self-Service is limited to read only, please follow the instructions below:

2.    Attach a void cheque or a deposit authorization slip issued by your Financial Institution
3.    Submit the completed paperwork to Payroll Services (Rideau Building, 3rd Floor, 207 Stuart Street)

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