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Welcome to Financial Services

Financial Services provides excellence in client service and compliance through our unwavering commitment to our staff, our understanding of university operations, and a continued focus on process improvement.

Important Notices

Deposit Form Revisions

Effective January 24, 2020, a newly revised Deposit Transmittal Form was posted to the Forms tab on the Financial Services website.  The changes made to the form are intended to reduce coding issues, and to provide clearer direction on the deposit process, which will reduce processing time and therefore be beneficial for all parties involved on the go-forward.

Clarification is also provided regarding cheque payees, to highlight that all cheques to be deposited MUST be made payable to “Queen's University” or “Queen's University at Kingston”. Cheques that contain any other variation on the ‘Payable to’ line will be returned to the department, as we will not be able to process the deposit with the bank.

Queen’s staff that process cash or cheque deposits are required to use the newly updated form for all deposits processed from this point forward, and discard any saved copies of the previous form. 

For more details, please refer to the ‘Cheque Deposits’ information on the Policies & Procedures tab on the Financial Services website.

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Financial Services

Effective January 1, 2020 New Taxable Benefit Reporting for Employee

Guidance on Account 570002 - Additional Pension

If you are involved in posting entries to account 570002 – additional pension, please review the recently posted Guidance on Account 570002 – Additional Pension.


Have you Recently Changed your Job (Role) on Campus? Do you Know What Forms you Need to Submit?

Find out which Financial Forms you may need to submit to ensure the proper access required to perform your new duties. 

Service Provider: Employee or Independent Contractor

Determine if your Service Provider is an Employee or an Independent Contractor

Adding or Updating Your Payroll Banking Information

For employees who need to add or update their banking information while the MYHR Self-Service is limited to read only, please follow the instructions below:

2.    Attach a void cheque or a deposit authorization slip issued by your Financial Institution
3.    Submit the completed paperwork to Payroll Services (Rideau Building, 3rd Floor, 207 Stuart Street)

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