T4 Information - 2023 Tax Slips

Active Employees

Electronic Tax Slips are now available via MyHR Self Service. 

To View/Print your 2023 or prior T4/T4A Tax Slip please login to MyHR.

Printed Paper Tax Slips will be sent to Canada Post by February 29, 2024 and will be delivered to the home address on file. 

Inactive Employees

When employment with the University ends, access to MyHR is suspended.  Payroll services will therefore mail out your Tax Slip to the home address on file by February 29, 2024.

Browser issues ?

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Technical Difficulties?

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties (password, NetID, PeopleSoft Access, etc.), contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 or by visiting the online Service Portal and clicking on Get IT Help.

Questions regarding your Tax Slip?

Multiple T4s

There are cases where an employee is issued two tax slips for a given year. This is correct.

Reasons include:

  1. The employee has both a full time position and a casual position with the University
  2. The newly hired employee is a union member. One Tax slip reports earnings and deductions paid during the employee’s probationary period. The second tax slip is issued for earnings and deductions paid after the probationary period was completed.

If you have a question regarding your Tax Slip, please email payroll.services@queensu.ca  Please remember to include your full name and your Employee ID Number in your correspondence.

Requesting copies of 2023 and Past Tax Slips

To request a copy of your Tax Slips for 2023 and/or prior years, please complete the Payroll - Tax Slip Copy Request form (PDF, 327 KB). If you get a "Please Wait" message, please download the form using button in the upper right hand corner) download symbol

Please note: 

  • Requests for 2023 Tax Slip copies will only be accepted after March 8, 2024. This will allow sufficient time for Canada Post deliveries.
  • Requests for 2023 amendments and cancellations will only be accepted after March 11, 2024. This will allow sufficient time for CRA to accept and process Queen's original electronic tax slip files.