Honorariums, Speaker Fees and third-party payments to individuals for services provided (e.g., translation services), can no longer be processed in ERS. The individual providing the services must be paid through the acQuire system directly, in order to comply with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations. This protects all involved from repercussions from CRA.

As of January 1, 2022, Staff/faculty will not be reimbursed for personal funds they’ve used to make payments to individuals or payments for services provided such as honorariums, speaker fees, translations, etc. through ERS or acQuire, regardless of when the expense was incurred. No exceptions.

Claims requesting reimbursement for these types of payments will be returned to the claimant. It is the responsibility of the claimant to request their money back from the third-party service provider and have the third-party service provider issue an invoice to Queen’s University to be entered and paid through the acQuire system.

Please note that this does not affect payments to Research Study Participants, payments to Indigenous Elders, or payments for Research Fieldwork Services Provided in Remote Areas.

For instructions on issuing cash, near-cash, or non-cash items to Research Study Participants, please refer to the Financial Services website for details. 

For instructions on issuing cash, near-cash, or non-cash items to Indigenous Elders, please refer to the Payments to Indigenous Elders/Participants Procedure. (PDF, 899 KB)

For instructions on issuing cash, near-cash, or non-cash items for Research Fieldwork Services provided in Remote Areas, please refer to the Payment Form for Research Fieldwork Services Provided in Remote Areas. (PDF, 168 KB)

It is recognized that for some research projects, there may be a requirement that payments to Research Study Participants (i.e., subject payments) be referred to as “Honorariums”. When submitting these subject payments, please add a note to the claim indicating the honorariums are in fact subject payments.

For instructions on how to have third-party payments paid through acQuire, please contact acquire@queensu.ca

If you are unsure about whether you will be reimbursed for an expense, please review the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policy and contact expenses@queensu.ca prior to using personal funds to make a payment.