In an effort to improve the data integrity of research project financial reporting, we are introducing some new system rules in the PeopleSoft Finance system.

Effective May 1, 2022, revenue accounts under the following revenue account nodes will no longer be available for use within research projects. Transactions using revenue accounts under these nodes will err out and must be corrected prior to posting:

Account Node







BUD-Sales & Service


BUD-Internal Sales & Serv Rev


BUD-Other Revenue


BUD-Amortization of DCC

Going forward, the majority of revenue transactions within research should fall under the Grants or Contracts revenue account nodes and represent the true source of funding:

Account Node

Examples of Related Funding Sources

400000 - BUD-Grants

Province of Ontario, CDN Federal Gov’t, Municipal Gov’t, Other CDN Provinces, NIH, US and Foreign Gov’t, etc.

410000 – BUD-Contracts

Corporate (CDN, US and Foreign), Foundations and Associations (CDN, US and Foreign), etc.

Important Reminder: Account 490010 (External Cost Recovery – Rev) may only be used in specific situations for externally funded Special Research Projects only.  For all other externally funded research projects, the revenue account must align with the true source of funds.

For a listing of available revenue accounts, please visit the Financial Services website.

If you have questions regarding the appropriate use of revenue accounts within research, please contact Research Accounting at research.accounting@queensu.ca.

Thank you.

Research Accounting, Financial Services