Overview - Software

OECM collaborative RFP #2018-318

These agreements cover many software titles including Adobe products, VMware, Microsoft Project and Visio.  A complete list of titles can be obtained from the supplier.

Initial term of agreement expires May 27, 2022

The OECM extended these agreements until May 27, 2025. There are no additional extension options.

  • CDW Canada
  • Softchoice
  • Computacenter (formally TeraMach)

Ryan Luney, Buyer
 or phone: (613) 533-3007 | internal ext. 33007

Category A - Microsoft A single quote is required to purchase
Category B - Adobe A single quote is required to purchase
Category C - Other

For purchases up to $99,999.99 CAD (before taxes), one quote is required from one of the three supplier listed in the category.

For purchases greater than $100,000 CAD (before taxes), a quote from each supplier in the category is required.

Additional Program Details

There are three software categories awarded under these agreements and suppliers were awarded under categories as follows:

  • Softchoice

  • Softchoice

  • CDW Canada
  • Softchoice
  • TeraMach

Queen's has a site license for Adobe Acrobat & Adobe Sign. They are both available free of charge for staff and faculty. To access them, put a request in with ITS from the following link.




CDW Canada

Send an email to QueensU@cdw.ca for a quote.

CDW website


Send an email to queensu@softchoice.com for a quote.

Softchoice website

Computacenter (formally TeraMach)

Send an email to sian.crooks@computacenter.comfor a quote.

Computacenter website