TerraCycle Recycling Programs

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Strategic Procurement Services has negotiated special rates on select products to make it easy and cost-effective to collect and send hard-to-recycle items for processing.  There are many types of TerraCycle boxes offered through our acQuire catalogue. Please search the catalogue for the best pricing.

Coffee Capsules - Zero Waste Box

Did you know - an estimated 20 billion coffee capsules will be consumed this year and most will end up in landfills? Let’s do our part.

  1. Log into your Queen's acQuire account, go to the shopping page and search for TerraCycle
  2. Order the appropriate sized TerraCycle Coffee Capsules - Zero Waste Box
  3. Collect your coffee capsules
  4. Ship the filled box to TerraCycle using the prepaid label on the box
  5. Order a new box