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China Scholarship Council

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a government agency in China which provides scholarships to students for doctoral and postdoctoral studies abroad.

Who is qualified to receive a CSC PhD scholarship?

  • A citizen of China, studying in China or abroad
  • Students must be either 4th year undergraduates or in their 1st year of their PhD or current graduate students in a Master program
  • NB: There are no Master scholarships. However, a letter of offer to a 4th year undergrad from a foreign university can indicate that the offer will lead to a PhD degree.

In order to apply for the CSC scholarship, a student normally must first have received a formal offer of admission from Queen's University after completing our online application.

There are two rounds in which students submit their applications to CSC. Round 1 from March 1 - 20 and round 2 from May 20 - 30. The second round will only be open if the pool of CSC funds in not exhausted in the first round. Thus it is highly encouraged that offers be sent to students before March 1.

Below is information that will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of the CSC, the student and you the Department:

  1. Funding requirements by the Department

    A student who comes with CSC funding is required to receive departmental funding equivalent to the international tuition – this can come from any combination of RA, ITA, QGA, TA, or other departmental resources. It is expected that in addition to this the supervisor would cover bench costs.

    The conditional letter of acceptance should indicate that if the student receives the CSC Scholarship, they will receive funding equivalent to the international tuition fees, which they will be required to pay.

    What that means for the department however, is you need to provide the student with an award that is at least equivalent to the cost of the tuition fee. That is currently about $14,000.

  2. Example wording for a conditional letter

    Dear (name of student)

    Congratulations on your offer to come to Queen's.  The offer of admission is conditional to you winning the CSC. Once it has been confirmed that you have been awarded a CSC scholarship, then you will be admitted into the PhD program in (program name) and you will be provided with an award that will be at least equivalent to the cost of tuition fees.

    In relation to being a TA, it is up to individual departments to assign TA positions to their graduate students.  The TA stipend may form a part of the award given to you as tuition support. You should determine these details with the graduate coordinator in the Department.

  3. Contribution from the CSC

    The CSC pays for flight, accommodation, and living expenses for the student.