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Student Initiative Fund

The Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Student Initiative Fund provides year-round funding opportunities for on-line or in-person student-led activities and events that enhance the student experience and enrich the university community. 

Projects should support the principles of personal and community development, inclusivity, leadership, citizenship, intercultural awareness, and/or community-building.

A portion of funds will be targeted to initiatives that address and support issues related to student mental health and well-being.

Application Criteria:

  • The applicant(s) must be a registered Queen's student(s)
  • The club or group must be recognized by and be a member in good standing with its sanctioning body
  • Only one application per student/student group, per academic term will be accepted
  • Only one application per student/student group, per academic year for the same event will be accepted
  • The project must be not-for-profit
  • The project must support co-curricular events or activities 
  • The event/activity must occur within the existing or upcoming academic year

Application and Fund Distribution Timeline:

  • Applications can be submitted at any time
  • Applicants will be notified of a decision within approximately one month after receipt of application

How to Apply 

Download the SIF Application form and the SIF Proposed Budget form 

Fill them BOTH out and email them to with the subject line  "SIF: Name of Event."

Selection Criteria:

Each project application will be assessed in relation to the extent to which the project, activity or event:

  • enhances the quality of student life at Queen’s;
  • builds or supports leadership, citizenship, intercultural awareness and/or community-building skills;
  • is open to Queen’s and/or the broader community;
  • promotes Queen’s in a positive manner.

Reporting Requirements:

Successful applicants must complete a SIF Report Form and submit a final budget (update the budget document you submitted with your application) within 30 business days of the completion of the activity.  Failure to do so will disqualify future applications.

Download the SIF Report Form

What kinds of activities are eligible?

  • Speaker fees and associated expenses, including travel
  • Room and equipment rentals for meetings, conferences and activities; technology or streaming-related expenses for virtual events/activities
  • Marketing, promotional or communication expenses
  • Supplies (such as badges, labels, paper etc.)
  • Travel expenses ( see Special Note section)
  • Other operating expenses not excluded below

What kinds of activities/costs are NOT eligible?

  • Events or initiatives that have the effect of marginalizing, discriminating, harassing, and/or excluding any identifiable group of persons
  • Purchase of food or beverages
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Expenses such as gifts, charitable donations, wages or volunteer recognition activities
  • Expenses in support of individuals attending a meeting, conference or activity

The approval and amount of funding will be contingent upon:

  1. The availability of funds and the total amount of requests received over the fiscal year.
  2. The alignment of the project, activity or event with the stated goals and priorities of the Fund.
  3. The potential impact of the proposed project, activity or program.
  4. The degree of initiative taken to raise funds from other sources. Those groups that have shown greater initiative in this area will be viewed more favourably.
  5. The contribution of the project to the positive image or reputation of Queen's. 


The maximum award for group projects, events or activities is $1,500.  

The maximum award for individual projects, events or activities is $500.

Please note: preferred payment methods are by journal entry.  Cheques may take a minimum of 15 business days to be issued.

Student Initiatives Awards Committee: 

Funding awards will be determined by the Student Initiatives Awards Committee based on the funding award criteria for the program.

Membership on the Committee will consist of two representatives from Student Affairs, a representative from the Provost's Office, a representative from the Human Rights and Equity Office, and a student representative.

Special Notes:

  1. The Fund is not intended to provide an annual source of income for recurring projects. First priority will be given to requests for new initiatives and seed money required to start a project.
  2. Undergraduate and graduate students and student groups are eligible to apply.
  3. Sponsorship of a project, activity or event through this Fund does not make it a Queen’s-sanctioned event. As such, the University assumes no liability out of or in consequence of any attendance or participation in an activity or event.
  4. Certain proposals may require additional information, letters of support or approval, depending on the nature of the initiative.   
  5. Travel or related expenses for individual students attending or presenting at a meeting, conference or activity will not be funded.  Travel expenses for groups of students participating in co-curricular/service learning and/or volunteer activities will be considered as eligible expenses if the overall project or activity is approved for funding.
  6. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the Committee or considered for funding.
  7. Applications submitted by staff or faculty members will not be considered; however, staff, faculty and/or community members may be members of the planning/organizing group.
  8. Applications will not be accepted for projects, activities or events retroactively
  9. Successful applications (including project title and the amount of the award) will be identified on the Student Affairs website.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean at (613) 533-6944 or email