Change of Plan Requests

If you wish to request a change to your Program/Plan you must submit a request using the Change of Plan application.  See the link a the bottom of this page.

Change of Plan ends Friday, July 11th at midnight.

Please note, that the academic thresholds posted in the ASC1 section are not applicable to upper-year students wishing to change their plan.  All upper-year student change of plan requests are pending departmental approval which may or may not reflect the thresholds below.

HINT:  If you are unsure what Program/Plan you are currently registered in you may view this information on SOLUS under the "My Academics" tab.

Decisions on Program/Plan requests will be made in 10 to 15 business days. If your request is approved, your Program/Plan will be changed and can be viewed by clicking on the "My Academics" tab in the SOLUS student Centre. If your request is denied, you will be notified via email by Student Services to your account.

Students should note that admission to some Plans is highly competitive and may require specific prerequisites. If you do change your Plan, it may also require more than four years to complete a degree as you may need to complete key courses or prerequisites. It is highly recommended that students who wish to change Plans contact the Department concerned to seek academic advice.

Student wishing to transfer to or from Visual Art, Bachelor of Music, Physical Education or Kinesiology, should go here for program requirement/policies.

DO NOT request a Change of Plan through this process if you are:

  • a Dual or Second Degree student. Such students should seek advice from Undergraduate Admission.
  • an upper year student who would like to drop the Minor component of your Plan. Students who wish to drop their Minor Plan should send an email to with their name, student number and any other pertinent information.
  • You are a Fine Art Honours Major/Minor (BFAH) student wishing to change your minor plan only.  The system will not give you this option.  To request a change of minor plan, please email us and we will forward your request to the department of the minor request.

PLEASE NOTE:  You may only submit one change of plan request.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: It is extremely important that you indicate your correct "current" program and plan.  If you do not, your request may not be sent to the proper department for decision-making.

Students who wish to drop their Minor Plan should send an email to with their name, student number and any other pertinent information.

If you wish to keep the same minor you are currently in and only switch a major, please indicate that so that we do not drop you from the minor in error.

Important Information for First-year (ASC1) students:
  • Under "select current primary Program", please select either the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Program or Bachelor of Science (Honours) Program.
  • Under "select current primary Plan", be sure to select "ASC1".
  • When requesting, please choose an Honours (ends with H, ie. BAH, BSCH) Program if you are eligible.
  • Then choose your Primary Plan and/or Primary and Secondary Plan.

Please note: Health Major and Medial Plans are now full, however there is still room in the General and Minor Plans. 

Please note: Second-year LISC is now full.

Please note: The LING Major is now full.

Change of Plan Request Application

The Change of Plan Request application is not currently available.