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In a continuing effort to improve financial reporting for the Queen’s community, a departmental comparative report has been introduced in FAST.

The report, entitled “Comparative”, is available through the Operating Statements section in FAST.  The report can be run by Tree, GL Pivot or Account.

FAST - Operating Statements Menu screenshot

What should I enter in the report filters?

The report will generate year-to date results (by selecting the fiscal period filter) for the ChartField filters entered.  The report has been designed to work with department security. 

Like other reports in FAST, ChartField criteria can include individual values, ranges, wildcards or nodes.


Fund:  10000, 50000:84999, 7%, TRUST

Departments:  42001, 42001:42999, 42%, FNS (nodes can only be used if end user has access to all departments in the applicable node)

Account:  600009, 600000:699999, 4%, EXPENSES

What does this report detail?

The report shows year-to-date data and variances for revenue and expense accounts over 2 consecutive years.

FAST - Example of Comparative Report screenshot