Congratulations to Dr. Julia Christensen, who published the article “Housing Policy, Urbanization, and the Production of Homelessness in Greenland” in the International Journal on Homelessness on February 12, 2024. The piece, co-authored with Steven Arnfjord, Marie-Louise Aastrup, and Eleanor Stephenson, explores the rise of visible homelessness and asks how homelessness can be understood within the dynamics of urbanization in Greenland. Read the complete article here:

Dr. Christensen recently co-authored a chapter in the Routledge collection, Design and the Built Environment of the Arctic, an introductory guide to the planning and design of built elements in the Arctic region. “The Heterogeneity of Arctic Cities” was written in collaboration with Nordic urban planner Dr. Torill Nyseth. Get the complete volume from Routledge here:

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