On Thursday, March 7th, 2024, Studies in National and International Development (SNID) hosted a talk by Dr. Thashika Pillay of Queen’s University and Fisseha Gidey Gebremedhin, an incoming PhD student to Queen’s. The seminar, titled "Conceptualizing Tegaru’s experiences of (in)justice through a decolonial onto-epistemology of መኣዲ (meadi),” was cut short after unknown individuals hijacked the question-and-answer period, using malicious language and displaying racist, misogynistic imagery.

Our sympathies go out to the guest speakers and all seminar attendees who were subjected to this violence and hate during the event, particularly to the Tegaru people who were present. The Department of Geography and Planning stands firmly against all forms of hate and discrimination in our university community and around the globe.

If you are struggling with the aftermath of this event or with ongoing experiences of racism, please seek support and care. Available resources include counselling services through Queen's Student Wellness Services at 613-533-2506 or by email at wellness.services@queensu.ca. Staff and faculty can access counselling through the Employee and Family Assistance Program. For additional supports, please visit the Inclusive Queen’s website.

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