Certificate in Geographic Information Science

In addition to completing a degree, students also have the option of simultaneously completing a Certificate in Geographic Information Science. This option is available to all Queen’s University undergraduate students regardless of their degree concentration and is intended for those who wish to enhance their undergraduate degree with a Geographic Information Science Certificate.

For details on the requirements of the Certificate in Geographic Information Science, please visit the Faculty of Arts & Science website.

The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of a degree program at Queen’s University. Students must pass all 30.0 units relating to the Certificate with a minimum GPA of 1.9.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate

Benefits and Recognition

I am trying to decide whether to enhance my undergraduate program with the Certificate in Geographic Information Science. What are the benefits?

Consists of 30.0 units, the Certificate is based on the concept of a minor concentration in Arts and Science. However, being offered in the form of a Certificate rather than a level of concentration, it is open to students in a range of concentrations and degree programs. If you choose to pursue the Certificate, it will not in any way affect your program requirements, even if the courses overlap.

The basic components of the Certificate contribute to personal and professional development: communications skills, intercultural competence, resiliency and coping skills are cultivated and strengthened by the various program requirements. These skills are beneficial and valued in many professional and employment contexts, and will be a valuable asset beyond your years of university education.

Successful completion of the Certificate is recognized on your Queen's transcript, as well as with the award of a certificate upon graduation. For students intending to apply to graduate or professional schools, the entry on your transcript will demonstrate that you have opted to enhance your undergraduate studies with this formal academic option. This will also enable you to note the Certificate program on the education section of your résumé, drawing it to the attention of potential employers.

How well-recognized is the Certificate?

Senate approval of the Certificate confers the recognition and respect traditionally associated with a Queen's qualification.

Is the Certificate in Geographic Information Science open to anyone?

This Certificate program is open to any student pursuing an undergraduate degree at Queen's. Designed to enhance university studies, the Certificate is not a stand-alone option and is only awarded upon graduation with a Queen's degree.

Students whose concentration requirements coincide with the Certificate requirements, may double-count credits toward their concentration and the Certificate. Other students may complete the Certificate requirements as part of their elective credits.

How do I apply for the Certificate program?

You need to submit a "Certificate Request Application" which is available at http://www.queensu.ca/artsci/students-at-queens/changes-to-your-program.