Career Week 2022

Introducing Career Week 2022Career Week 2022

Career Week is an opportunity for Graduate students and Postdoctoral fellows to engage with a variety of professional development modules, including workshops, networking events and receptions.

In addition to events being hosted by the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, students at Queen's will get full access to Graduate and Postdoctoral Development Network (GPDN) events being run throughout the week. These events are all online, taking place in the afternoons, and are all free for Queen's students: check out those events and how to register here!

The full schedule of GPDN events can be found in the schedule document here.

CVs, Cover Letters and Mock Interviews for Academic Positions

Monday, October 24 - 9 AM - 12 PM

This workshop is in two parts: CV's and Cover Letters followed by Mock Interviews

Learn the purpose and components of a CV, effective ways of presenting and organizing information about your educational, employment, and community service achievements, and strategies for writing informative, engaging, and persuasive cover letters for academic positions. This workshop also provides students with the opportunity to observe academic interviews in action.

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Understanding the Current Landscape of Employment: From Graduate Student to Workforce

Monday, October 24 - 2 - 4 PM

Join the SGSPA for our keynote speech from Lily Abediny, Executive Director of Career Services at Queen's. After the speech, students will have a chance to learn how to network with some hands on learning all while we have some refreshments.

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The IDP Launch Workshop

Tuesday, October 25 - 9 - 11 AM

The IDP Launch Workshop is part of the IDP program (Individual Development Plan (IDP) | School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs ( offered by SGSPA.

In this introductory workshop you get started investigating future career possibilities, assessing where you stand in terms of skills and requirements, and making plans to get where you want to go – working through the IDP workbook in a collaborative setting with peers who are all exploring their next steps as well.

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Resumes & Cover Letters for Positions in Business, Government, and Non-Profits

Wednesday, October 26 - 9 - 11 AM

The first half of this session will help you to use key strategies for highlighting your unique skills, knowledge and experience in your resume/CV. Please bring a draft copy of your resume to work on, if you have it. In the second half of this workshop, you will learn about key components and strategies that make the most difference when writing a cover letter. You will also work on exercises designed to get you started on customizing your cover letter. To get the most benefit from this workshop, it is helpful to have a specific opportunity that you are targeting.

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Your Versatile Degree: Graduates on Working Outside the Academic Sector

Thursday, October 27 - 9 - 11 AM

Panelists will outline their own career pathway and address the following questions: How do I begin to identify skills gained in my graduate program; How do I translate these skills into a non-academic setting? What are employers looking for? - theory and practice; How employers hire. Panelists will then offer some tips on how to present yourself when looking for work and highlight what employers look for when they are hiring.

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How to Find a Postdoc Position

Thursday, October 27 - 1 - 2 PM

Are you interested in pursuing a Postdoctoral fellowship in the future? Are you are a current postdoc looking for your next opportunity? This workshop, presented by the SGSPA's Coordinator of Postdoctoral Affairs Nenagh Hathaway, examines the important aspects of applying for a postdoc as well as tips and tricks for your application.

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