Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Accessories - Queen's Standard Configurations

OECM administered RFP no. 2016-261

Initial term expires November 1, 2023

The OECM extended this agreement  until November 1, 2025. There are no additional extension options.

Dell Canada

Ryan Luney, Buyer or phone (613) 533-3007 | internal ext. 33007

Additional Program Details:

The Queen's image includes:

  • Windows 10 Education (current release or current release -1)
  • Microsoft Office 2016, 32-bit
  • Microsoft Antivirus
  • Microsoft OneDrive Next-Generation Sync Client
  • Adobe Reader DC
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • The option to join our Active Directory (AD) domain
  • BitLocker encryption is enabled if you join AD
    ** If you choose not to join AD and instead setup as a Workgroup, please visit our Encryption Service page to ensure your data is protected

By choosing the Queen's image you avoid most of the trial software that usually ships with Dell computers and instead get the latest version of Queen's supported software.

  • Access to a physical LAN connection is required
    ** If you know that you are in a building/office that uses a non-standard network setup (Static IP, Firewall, etc.), please call the IT Support Centre at ext. 36666 before proceeding, or configure as a Workgroup computer, joining the network (and AD if desired) after the build.
  • XPS Laptops without an Ethernet port will require a USB-C Ethernet dongle (Dell Part# : 470-ABND - purchased separately).
  • Following the " setting up your system when it arrives" step by step instructions from the link below is crucial to the success of the standardized build.  Failure to do so may result in the need to have your system rebuilt at the IT Support Centre.

If you receive and set up a Dell computer with the Queen's Image at a remote location, you must uncheck the option to "Join Computer to Active Directory" When the "Join Computer to Active Directory" box is selected on a Dell device with the Queen's Image, the device must complete a build process that requires a physical connection to the Queen's network. You will be able to join the network (and Active Directory, if desired) after the build is complete by contacting the IT Support Centre.


Mark Davidov, Inside Sales Account Manager

Dell website