Kingston Hall - 103 Stuart Street


Location: Kingston Hall is located south of Grant Hall with the front entrance facing Nixon Field.


There is a back door entrance that is not accessible due to stairs.

South (main)
The main entrance to Kingston Hall is not accessible due to stairs leading up to the entrance.

South/West (accessible)
The accessible entrance is at the southwest corner of the building. A concrete ramp with a railing leads to a door with an automatic opener. Proceed through the door and down another ramp to level 1.

Building Accessibility Features

Corridors: There are doors that act as barriers in the corridors. There is an interior ramp that leads to the accessible entrance/exit.

Elevators: An elevator with audio capability is located just past the ramp on level 1, provides access to all building levels.

Washrooms: Accessible washrooms are located on level 1 only. They do not have power doors and are not marked with the accessible symbol. The women's washroom is located near the East stairs and the men's is near the central stairs. There are doors without automatic openers on the corridor before the washrooms. There are no accessible single-user washrooms in the building

Services: There is an assistance phone on level 2 by the main stairs.

Classrooms: Check the classroom website for the accessibility of Kingston Hall classrooms.

Parking: Permit parking is available at the rear or north side of the building. To get from this parking area to Kingston Hall's accessible entrance, follow the lane towards Ontario Hall out of the parking lot then turn left towards University Avenue. Follow the sidewalk past Grant Hall then turn left at Kingston Field. Three accessible meter spaces are located on the north side of Stuart Street across the Underground Parking Garage. Accessible parking is also available in the Underground Parking Garage. Exit the Parking Garage through the Kingston General Hospital/Etherington Hall tunnel.

Water Fountain: There is an accessible water fountain with bottle fill station on level 1 across from room 108.