Engineering Services

Engineering Services is comprised of three main sections: Drafting, Mechanical, and Electrical.



The Drafting Group is responsible for:

  • Generating and maintaining records for all Queen's buildings and systems

    • Drawings
    • Specifications
    • Various pieces of equipment information
  • Creates and maintains campus maps and building floor plans

 Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers oversee:

  • Electrical distribution to and within all buildings and grounds on Main & West Campus

Electrical Engineers' responsibilities Include:

  • Developing and reviewing designs and specifications

  • Overseeing installation and maintenance of various electrical equipment systems

    • Medium and low voltage electrical distribution systems
    • Fire alarm systems 
    • Emergency power systems
    • Lighting and control systems
    • Building energy management systems
  • Operation and maintenance of Queen's Substation A

    • Electrical feeders within a shared substation with KGH

  • Operation and maintenance of the co-generation facility

    • Electrical power onto the electrical utility grid

 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineers oversee:

  • Heating/cooling ventilation systems
  • Water/sewage systems
  • Supporting infrastructure (Main & West)

Mechanical Engineers responsibilities include:

  • Oversee operations of central heating 
  • Assist with differed maintenance backlog
  • Assist with requirements for construction
  • Determine the heating/cooling requirements of new construction or renovated spaces
  • Working with Utilities Kingston on water and sewer initiatives
  • Overseeing the maintenance of sprinkler and fire system piping

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